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  • RAID San Juan

    RAID San Juan
    Sept 21-22 2013

    F18 Distance Race around the San Juan Islands

    A 2 day distance race for F18 catamarans starting and ending in Anacortes, with a series of stops at Washington State Marine Parks located throughout the San Juan Islands ( Each stop has the potential for tent camping, allowing the group to stop at any location for the night, and to continue on in the morning. Three powerboats will shadow the group throughout the event and carry camping gear, food, cat trax, and emergency items. Total rhumbline distance approximately 70 nm. Expected sailing distance 100+ nm.

    Staging/Starting area:
    Staging at the Anacortes Small Boat Center basin located at Seafarers Park in Anacortes. Launch and trailer parking readily available, grocery stores readily accessible. Start will be in the vicinity of Fidalgo Bay.

    Pelican Beach, Cypress Island. Mooring balls available, beach space available for beaching/storing boats. Camping available. Distance Anacortes to Pelican Beach (by way E side Guemes Island): 10 NM
    Clark Island, east side. Anchorage and beach space available, camping available. Distance Pelican Beach to Clark Island: 7.5 NM
    Sucia Island, Fox Cove. Anchorage and beach space available, camping available. Distance Clark Island to Fox Cove: 8.6 NM.
    Jones Island. Dock Space, anchorage, beach space available. Camping available. Distance Fox Cove to Jones Island: 11.3 NM.
    Turn Island. Anchorage, beach space available. Camping available. Distance Jones Island to Turn Island: 7.3 NM.
    Spencer Spit. Anchorage, beach space available. Camping available. Distance Turn Island to Spencer Spit: 8.2 NM.
    Seafarers Park Anacortes. Launching and facilities available. Distance Spencer Spit to Anacortes: 13 NM.

    Boats start together and proceed to next checkpoint. First boat to next checkpoint will wait for the rest of the boats to arrive before starting the next leg. All boats start all legs together. This will allow the race organizer to decide whether to proceed to the next checkpoint or to stay for the night at the current location. At the start of any leg, the conditions can be evaluated and the course altered to suit conditions.

    Low scoring used and points awarded based on finish position, i.e. 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc... The lead powerboat will position an orange flag on the beach and establish a finish line between the flag and an adjacent landmark (outlined in the Sailing Instructions). First skipper or crew across the line is 1st, second 2nd and so on. The boat with the least amount of points at the end of all the legs wins.
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    OK no interested parties on this forum! Gonna be a fun event. 7 boats confirmed, more possible.
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      Seven boats is pretty good for an inaugural event these days, especially if it's not just another version of the Same Old Thing, so that everybody is comfortable with it.


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        Yes last year we had at least one boat that was going to travel up from CA to participate. This time around it sounds like perhaps some NE sailors might come out and charter a boat or sail with a NW regular.
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          That's a really cool idea.. Have Fun!
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