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    Ahi was the first boat to receive a pre-race inspection and we were called for a post race inspection after Farallones.

    I was under the impression Phil was keeping and distributing the spreadsheet. I added a tab for him with post race inspections passed but I have not seen a copy since before Farallones (the last race with inspections). My apologies that I did not realize that Moonshine passed their inspection after the Farallones. I got an email with the inspection results so I have no excuse, I can only offer an apology. I will keep a spreadsheet myself and make sure inspectors get it for future races.

    I agree that one inspection per year should suffice. The original idea was that if you wanted to avoid a post race spot inspection you could do a pre-race full inspection and greatly reduce the chances. I think once you have passed a post race inspection there is very little value in checking the same really basic 5 things again.

    As you can probably tell we are figuring this out as we go along. On Lightship we gave everybody a warning, even boats that failed to come in for inspection and boats bitched that we were being too lenient. On Farallones one boat took a 20% scoring penalty for missing gear and another was asked to retire in lieu of DSQ for missing the call to come in.

    Now a couple of boats have been double-tagged and that is not right either.

    I would actually rather we only offered pre-race inspections, make them mandatory, and skip the post race inspections, but in an effort to make it flexible for the racers we left the choice up to you. Now we need to get accurate information to the inspectors because inspecting some boats multiple times while never inspecting others is a really poor use of very limited resources. The goal is to get at least a quick look at as many boats as possible.

    Perhaps we have reached a point of diminishing returns on the post race inspections. Once we can say we did two races in a row with nobody failing an equipment inspection you will have a better chance of convincing me.


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      Thanks for the explanation Andy, and for the quick results. If one or more boats didn't pass inspection it's not reflected in the results. Nick implied that too, so I wondered.


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        One boat was 'iffy' on the inspection but did pass the letter of the MEL so Nick and I conferred and gave him a pass.

        Thanks to Nick and the other inspectors over the year so far. Each time we learn something new and hopefully we can get our act 100% together soon.


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          I'm glad it got worked out.

          Things are tight in our SHS division, with two points separating the top five boats:

          OYRA Standings


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            SSS's web guy, Matt B, needed a day out after lots of work on his own boat. He got to drive Rags a bunch on Saturday, including through a trimmer-induced broach and general fall-der-all.

            I apologize in advance for the music - Rx says I should have used "Wipeout!" for the second clip:

            Rags on YouTube