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    There will be post race inspections. Please, for god's sake have your jacklines mounted. Here is what else I'll be checking:

    PFDS, harnesses, and tethers
    VHF radio and masthead antenna
    EPIRB with cert.

    and a couple of random items from the MEL. I do have a thing for anchors, ready to deploy though.

    Don't let me down gang.

    Have a fun race, be safe, see you in the 'hood.


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    If you mean "ready to deploy" as on the bow you're out of luck on my boat, and the rules don't require that. Yes, the rode is attached and it's ready to bring on deck in one unit (it lives in a bag) but on the bow, no.

    Not sure about that EPIRB cert - I don't think that's required in the rules either. The stickers are on it.

    I take the rules verbatum - no "rules creep" if it's not clearly stated. Thanks for offering to inspect boats though.


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      Yep, I just checked and the NOAA sticker on the unit shows it is "properly registered to the yacht." That's all you get. I don't want you selling my phone number to Amway (or worse).

      Okay, time to go do this thing.


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        I just want them assembled, I don't care where you stash em, and by cert, I meant current sticker. You sure are spring loaded to argue aren't you


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          Wow, long and very slow for most of the fleet. Half finished at 1700. Ragtime called in, from where who knows. RacerX finished over an hour ago. Both 50's finished 20 minutes apart. Hana Ho FTF.


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            We finished right after RacerX (at about 1616) but neither of us came close to touching Zsa Zsa this race - wow.

            I had Matt Beall, SSS's webguy, along for the race since the alternative for him was to spend another day grinding out hull damage on TINKER. Matt doesn't know where all the spaghetti goes on my boat so he drove a lot instead - he didn't seem to mind! He did a nice job getting used to those weird asymmetric kites, sailing angles, etc. Now he wants a J/80.

            The R/C changed things up, this time signalling a shorter course just for the shorthanded division, instead of for all fleets after the big boats. That meant the slower crewed boats were also sailing the long course down to the southern approach buoy, which made it a long day for them.

            After our start and on the way to the bridge, the only evidence we saw of the Looie Vooie thing was a Coast Guard rib stationed near the West end of the racing area. By the time we came back through around 1500, all the toys were put away and only a couple large charter boats were still out.

            More on the actual race in a bit - the coffee's ready. Nick, I saw you walking the dock doing your job yesterday afternoon. Thanks again - I was just yanking your chain a bit above, due to past exchanges we've had and how fun all this equipment stuff is.


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              All I'll say at this time is this: Be glad that I was there.


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                Ahi had a long but delightful race.

                We started with the #3, got a decent start and played the middle to take advantage of the dying ebb. A little past Bonita things started to drop below the teens and we changed to the #1 and had a very pleasant sail. We were one of the higher rated boats in our division but the first boat to the first two marks. It was a nice mellow headstay reach from the So Approach buoy up to the light bucket and we had fun playing with Maggie, one of our faster competitors who finally passed us on the leg.

                Things were pretty mellow all the way back to Bonita but we expected much heavier winds on the bay as usual. A check of some observations and the sight of kite boarders had us doing a peel from our fragile old 3/4 to a 1.5 shy kite. We were trying to decide whether to go through Raccoon Strait or go around Blunt and we got sort of pinned south by an outbound ship. Maggie took the direct route through Raccoon but we knew Green Buffalo who kills us down wind was still behind and would likely go to Blunt. We were afraid of going through Raccoon and sitting in a hole while the Buffalo stampeded by the other way so around Blunt we went. The wind just kept increasing and we were surging along at 10-11. I like my new rudder! I am a pretty conservative guy and we knew we were in a good spot in the race so we doused the kite when the wind crept to the upper 20's. We did a couple of wild bald headed gybes (blew out the main sheet cleat) to get past blunt and over to the east side, but there was no wind shadow behind Angel to worry about. After the second gybe we hoisted a reacher, a few minutes later we put the shy kite back up, and a few minutes after that we peeled back to the 3/4. My bow guy got his sail-change card punched many times for this race!

                We spotted Maggie still in front as we approached RYC and it looked like they gained a little. I guess the hole in Raccoon was not there, and our spending some time bald headed did not help, although we hit 11.3 bald headed near Blunt. We managed to carry all the way to the finish line, drop the kite, gybe around the pin for home and hand me a much delayed beer!

                I got an email from Jim on Green Buffalo earlier today. They did round Blunt, broached and rounded down in the process (no damage) and even with the extra curricular activity they gained on boats near them that went through Raccoon, so the mystery remains.

                Four weeks from now we have a race around some approach buoys, provided they are still there...


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                  So, When Do We Find Out How Badly We Did?

                  "NANCY" got a good start and everything remained good until the wind dropped below 10 knots about the first set of buoys, then we went way too far north. From there on it was try to catch up and fall farther behind. Just a question" Why is PB to Starboard a mark on Course #2, but not others? Curious about how badly we did. Pat


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                    Here you go Pat:



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                      OYRA Inspection Harassment

                      Have any other OYRA racers been inspected multiple times this season?

                      Moonshine has been called in twice and passed both times.

                      Andy-Please stop asking the race committee to inspect moonshine.

                      Have all OYRA boats been inspected? Has Ahi been inspected?



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                        The answer to your last question is yes. Ahi has been snagged a couple of times.

                        BTW, I made a mistake on Saturday asking for ISAF approved tethers. They only needed quick releases and every tether that I saw was equipped with one. So, no one failed inspections due to tethers. My apologies for the mistake.

                        Have we hit the point of diminishing returns? Perhaps.

                        Lastly...for everyone: the serial number sticker that comes with your EPIRB or PLB is NOT your NOAA registration sticker. So everyone check out your PLB then dig around in your unopened mail for a letter from NOAA for your COSPAS/SARSAT registration sticker. It will have an expiration date on it, a 15 char. A/N code, and the name of the vessel to which it is registered. It's the only way for OYRA to know that you've registered your beacon, that the registration is up to date, and that NOAA and the coasties know whom to look for while you're dog paddling with the men in grey suits.


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                          Twice for Rags - once after a race and once by request (which while not guaranteed, should hopefully end the surprise ones).

                          It really sucks when you're single-handed.


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                            Maggie has been tagged 3x.


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                              That doesn't seem right. OYRA should update Phil's spreadsheet and give a copy to the R/C's.

                              I'll inspect Moonshine (I'm at RYC) if that will get them onto Phil's spreadsheet. Your call Dylan - I promise no inter-division bias!