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A Different Sort Of Regatta

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  • A Different Sort Of Regatta

    Stumbled upon this with just dumb luck Saturday afternoon. The US Surfski Championships. 125 competitors
    with a mass start from Oyster Cove headed around a short jog the south east past SFO

    The long course was 15 miles, (down wind) and a slightly shorter course of 12 miles for those slightly less masochistic,
    ending at the Redwood City. Contestants came from as far as South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, with the top finisher,
    Sean Rice of Cape Town arriving at Redwood City in1:41:32.1.

    Full Results

    The Fenn Kayak company placed a "Fenn Hotspot" about 1/2 mile down the course and awarded $1000.00 to 1st contestant
    to reach their mark. 2 other companies offered slightly lesser amounts for 1st woman and 1st canoe. What if regattas had
    some sort of incentive like that? Above, overall winner and $1,000.00 winner, Sean Rice of South Africa.

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery