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Sport Boat Championship October 19th 2013

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  • Sport Boat Championship October 19th 2013

    The Yankee Cup, YRA's annual championship invitational is coming up on October 19th! The top 3 finishers from each HDA and ODCA fleet, and from each PC division, are invited to participate in this annual regatta. New for 2013, the Yankee Cup will be run in conjunction with a Sport Boat Fall Championship! This new regatta is open to all Bay Area Sport Boats, even those that don't qualify for a PHRF rating. The HDA/ODCA/PC fleets will race using their PHRF ratings while the sport boats will race in separate divisions, under the Portsmouth rule.

    HDA, ODCA and PC qualifiers will receive an invitation to the Yankee Cup after their seasons have completed. Sport boats however do not need an invitation and can enter NOW! All boats meeting our Sport Boat criteria are welcome to enter. If you know a Sport Boat Skipper, be sure to share this email with them so they can get their boat entered!

    Online registration for the Yankee Cup and the Sport Boat Fall Championship is available HERE

    The entry fee for all boats is $15.

    Help us spread the word to all Bay Area Sport Boat skippers! We're hoping for at least 3 Sport Boat fleets. If you are currently racing in the YRA Series, be sure to leave October 19th open, we'd love to see all qualified PHRF boats come out to race for the Yankee Cup.

    The Regatta will be sailed on the Berkeley Circle, with the Berkeley Yacht Club providing Race Committee. Sport boats skippers should be able to put their boats in the water at either the Richmond YC or at Cal Sailing Club. Please call the clubs before the race to make sure their facilities can accommodate your boat.

    The Yankee Cup NOR will be published in September and the Sailing Instructions will be published a week before the race.

    A sailboat must have the following parameters to be considered a sport boat:
    Bow sprit used to fly spinnakers
    Asymmetrical spinnakers only
    Sail Area to Displacement ratio (SA/D) shall be greater than 23.0.
    Displacement to Length ratio (D/L) shall be less than 125.0.
    35 ft or less in length

    Many sport boats already have Portsmouth ratings. You can check to see if your boat has a rating at US Sailing. Boats that do not currently have a Portsmouth rating need to contact the YRA by September 7th. The YRA needs at least 5 weeks to get a provisional rating for unrated boats. Sport boats will need an existing Portsmouth rating and or a Portsmouth provisional rating to race.
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    2 sport boats signed up over the weekend, including Tom Hutton's Rustler (Esse 850), and Brad Cameron's Aquaholic (T590). Hope to see more sign ups soon.