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  • Bridge 2 Bridge The Early Days

    As tonites 5:30 PM start to the legendary "Ronstan Bridge To Bridge" gets ready to roll, we thought it might me fun to look back at the 1st couple of B2B's!

    2003's B2B (above) had sunshine and great breeze the year before, the initial B2B was cold grey and dreary.

    As with all B2B's, getting the fleet outside the Golden Gate and keeping them upright is always a challenge. The water under the gate and directly inside and out is a constantly moving mass of hydraulics. Wind and current, with swell mixed in combine with traffic, both commercial and pleasure, and in more recent year, and ever increasing spectator fleet. To keep the 18 Footers, Sail Boards, Kiteboards, Multi Hulls etc in one area before the start is a challenge in and unto itself.

    Back in the Day, it was initially a challenge between 49ers and Sailboards, but when the 18's came to town it was an obvious choice to include them, and Ronstan became the title sponsor. The 18's did not originally use the B2B as a counter in the series, and only 5-6 made it to the line the 1st couple years. : "It was wild and crazy" Says Howie Hamlin,
    "Just keeping the boat upright before the start with all the traffic, crazy current, wakes and gusty winds. If you were lucky, you were upright when the gun went off"

    "The area off Alcatraz is always insane" Says Howie" It's full on Maytag machine, and it seems to be worse the closer you get to The Rock. If you can get through the stretch between Alcatraz and Pier 39, you are golden"

    The Vodka Cruiser takes on The Alcatraz Trash

    Chip Wasson flips over winning the 1st editon of the Bridge to Bridge

    Windsurfers catching a breather before the beat back to Crissy

    Once you have made the trip down, you still need to get back out!

    One of the good guys! Bill Weir sadly passed away a few years back. Bill was a driving force in the Windsurfing Community, a great guy, family man and creative genius.
    Sail on Brother!

    Tonites festivities is expected to be a big one, with 20 Kiteboarders, 20 Aussie Skiffs, 10-15 Sailboards, a Mod 70, and extreme 40 among the registered entries!

    Check It Out
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    Great old shit! Where did you steal them from?