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Gigantic, Antipodean, Aboriginal Didgeridoo Misbehaves

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  • Gigantic, Antipodean, Aboriginal Didgeridoo Misbehaves

    According to Kimball Livingston, who resides in a portion of San Francisco that not only can see the Golden Gate Bridge from his house, but are very in tune with the blasts from horns of inbound and outbound ships, bu the warning horn for the bridge itself when visibility becomes a concern.

    Last night the majestic comforting blast's from the Bridge's South Tower became one long
    "Gigantic, Antipodean, Aboriginal Didgeridoo" stuck on the on position for nearly an hour, prompting calls to 911 as startled residents were awoken at 0200 and thought perhaps aliens were attacking the city. Turning off the 70 year old horn, one of 3 on the bridge is not as easy as it sounds, and requires the USCG to take action to prevent collisions with the structure in adverse visibility.

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