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  • Vallejo 1-2

    Was gonna ask why so early, but I think the current predictions along with forecast 5 knot breeze answers the question...

    Golden Gate Tides:

    05:47 Sat Low 1.6 ft
    07:39 Sat Slack
    10:38 Sat Max Flood 3.4 kts
    12:08 Sat High 6.2 ft
    13:26 Sat Slack
    16:39 Sat Max Ebb 2.5 kts
    18:32 Sat Low -0.3 ft
    20:34 Sat Slack
    23:30 Sat Max Flood 3.4 kts
    01:26 Sun High 5.1 ft
    02:39 Sun Slack
    05:24 Sun Max Ebb 1.7 kts
    06:27 Sun Low 2.0 ft
    08:16 Sun Slack
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    Aiming for the upper half of the tidal cycle to get into VYC, plus two other regattas are starting next door at F-OC, one at 10:30 and one at 11:00. Regular rush-hour traffic out on the Circle - in October!

    It's a nice fleet of 84 boats, up from 61 last year. At the skippers' meeting I said it was an increase of 20% . . . I better stick closer to my calculator.


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      I put G in the water last week. You can also use RYCA if need be.


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        Result for V1 are here:


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          Scenes from Vallejo 2 courtesy Paul Sutcheck where they have retired after 4 hours in the Napa River
          on Can of Whoopass , at this time, the JS9000 Jetstream leads the pack as they near the finish...If time does not expire.

          Yesterday, on the Bezerkeley Circle, Paul was aboard Gypsy Lady, where Paull Reports
          some uber light conditions as well!
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            Long day today. Finished with about 20 minutes to spare. Then got spanked at the slot. Thanks to the RC and to my crew for a great attitude all day in the challenging conditions.


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              Results from today and Vallejo 1-2 combined

              Mucho thanks to the R/C team:
              Saturday: Mike Mannix (PRO), Linda Farabee, Sam McFadden, Chris Humann, Mary Robertson, BobJ
              Sunday: BobJ (PRO), John Dillow, Joe Perez, Mary Robertson, Bill Hafferty, Mike Holden


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                Thanks Bob for getting the results up the same night. And thanks to all the RC crews for allowing us to race.


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                  A never ending flood destroyed just about anyone’s chance of actually finishing.
                  Or it seemed actually starting the race off the Vallejo yacht Club.
                  Channel 79 crackled with scores racers calling in with score me “DNF” declaration.
                  And that was before they even got a chance to drift across the line and after a 30 minute postponement.

                  Just getting to the entrance of the Mare Island Straits in winds from all the compass points & a 2 knot current always from the South
                  required at least three anchorings, multiple sets & douses, a little leap frogging and a high tolerance hurry up & wait holes.
                  Gordie Nash sailing his customized Mull 27 was a leader. By 1PM he escaped the agony of the Strait only to light air
                  beated up on the North side by yet more adverse current. It just never stopped no relief anywhere. With him were
                  Tom Burden (Layla Utlimate 20) who almost had a terrific day in the singlehanded race up only to lose it to
                  s First In Last Out hole near the finish. And Dan Alvarez on long narrow Jet Stream. Dan was not one of the 22 who actually finished Saturday’s Race.

                  By 2PM what was left of the fleet in dribbles and drabs made it past the last hurdle of you’ve got to kidding fickle little zephyrs
                  in the middle or the West side depending on where you weren’t. They all joined the short tacking up.
                  Somewhere around three a dark line formed on the Western horizon. Twas wind.

                  Gordie and leaders crossed slowly in the 7 knot breeze to the South Shore. The fill generalized into one of those perfect sailing days.
                  It would have been a lot nicer 43 starters who packed it in, if’n it had come about 4 hours earlier though.
                  Nicer still: all at once that wicked flood turned miraculously into ebb

                  The SI’s had a 6PM deadline for finishing possibly extended for the half hour postponement.
                  Even with a solid breeze most were unsure if they could finish in time. With the fill there was still a pretty good chance.
                  At Pinole the wind really punched up to the midteens making the prospects of finishing more real.
                  Thanks to the ebb those light spots near the Brothers , the Richmond Bridge and off the Long Wharf tweren’t a bother.
                  Even the breeze in the Richmond Channel counteracted the ebb rushing out. Nine boats finished.

                  Winner was the slowest boat on Handicap to finish. Summertime Dream skippered by Scott Owens.
                  Singlehanding up on Saturday he was by mere seconds the last boat to finish.
                  On Sunday Like all boats he struggled in the Straits and kept sailing away only because
                  he didn’t have enough gasoline to reach Richmond. With the new breeze he kept sailing because it was faster than motoring.

                  Summertime Dream and Scott have a long history. In the early 1980s he was in Carl Schumacher’s crew when Dream
                  won back to back ΒΌ Ton National Championship. He rescued Dream from the hard and spent a year rehabilitating the boat.
                  Lately When not racing the SSS Series he sails to Marinas with Golf Courses, plays a round of Golf and sails home.
                  Occasionally you might find Scott in Kame Richards afterguard on Golden Moon.

                  all photos and verbs via RYC Photo
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