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Anchoring off Quarry Beach

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  • Anchoring off Quarry Beach

    The boys like sailing and the boys like beaches - I'm mulling on taking them on an over-nighter before the weather really turns. Quarry beach off Angel Island seems like a good local possibility.

    Getting in close would be best - less paddling. Which end is better, how close in dare we get and is there anything else to worry about?

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    Lots of wake action - especially from fast ferries. Lots of current action -swinging room. Potential for wind action -especially northerly wind. The one time I tried it, we decided around midnight it was not comfortable, upped anchor, and motored back to Sausalito and the berth.


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      With a normal westerly it's fine. You can go right to the beach until the keel hits the sand if the swell is small, which is usually the case. The beach almost has a quick enough drop off where we could hop from the bow of my old Catalina 27 to the sand without getting our feet wet. Then only one person has to paddle...


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        I'd be just a bit nervous hanging off that beach- why not Clipper Cove?


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          People tell me that Clipper Cove grabs anchors because of some wrecked pier and sunken pilings - hence the idea of Quarry Beach. But it's an option and definitely more sheltered.


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            I've been there a couple times, and other than avoiding the shallow shoal at the entrance, never had a problem, even on crazy windy days.


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              I anchored there once with the assistance of the coast guard. Didn't spend the night there just a few hours.
              Spent at least 50 nights just north at China Cove. The small cove with the bell onshore. It's between points Campbell and Simpton. There is a tide swing and you do get some wakes but I always enjoyed it. Nice beach too.
              life is a reach_/) _/)


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                Ayala cove is nice. Use the moorings, paddle in, pay the fee (down side) but a lot of security. Technically this is the only legal way to go on the island from your own boat.

                Quarry cove and also hospital cove are great for lunch and could be ok for overnight, but i've never done it--timing with currents never worked, and also concerned about wakes knocking me around.

                Paradise cove up on the north tiburon shoreline is also nice, but same concerns.

                China camp--I've overnighted once, but never been able to get close enough in to feel real happy with it.



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                  Ahh, China Camp is my favorite anchorage on the Bay. bobw is rite about not getting very close though. Also the tidel current is very strong. I thing I remember seeing 1.7 knots boat speed at anchor there. It's a huge anchorage. I'm sure you could anchor over 100 boats there maybe 200! Good holding all the way from the Sisters to Rat Rock. We got into the habit of anchoring under sail there and in the morning just sailing away. Plenty of room there for that. No wakes.
                  life is a reach_/) _/)