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Taking Down The Erector Set

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  • Taking Down The Erector Set

    The erector set that is the eastern span of the Bay Bridge begins demolition later this week and with it the slow process of piece by piece removal of the old workhorse.

    Transiting the area between the G and H spans is off limits while this construction/demolition is in progress through December 14th, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    If you forget, no worries, the CHP saftey boat is there to greet you!

    If you like seeing/hearing demolition, the bike path an the new span can get you as close as you like!

    REPLACEMENT SAN FRANCISCO-OAKLAND BAY BRIDGE-DIVE OPERATIONS: Caltrans will be conducting dive operations inspecting various piers 04-08 NOV 13 from 0900-1500. The dive vessel is a 33ft aluminum fast landing craft with twin jetted diesels. Diver's umbilical hose may be floatingon the surface adjacent to the vessel. All vessels are requested to contact “OFFICIAL BUSINESS” on VHF-FM Chan. 9, 14, 16, or by cell 916-343-6731, approximately 30 minutes before transiting the bridge dive site. All passing vessels are requested to use extreme caution. For more details
    or comments, contact the Coast Guard Bridge Office at 510-437-3515.

    SAN FRANCISCO-OAKLAND BAY BRIDGE DEMOLITION-EAST OF YERBA BUENA ISLAND (YBI)- The Coast Guard has established a temporary safety zone (see SFOBB Demolition Safety Zone in the enclosure section) in the navigable waters of the San Francisco Bay near YBI, CA in support of theSan Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB) Demolition Safety Zone through December 30, 2014. This safety zone is established to protectmariners transiting the area from the dangers associated with over-head demolition and debris removal operations of the SFOBB. Unauthorized
    persons or vessels are prohibited from entering into, transiting through, or remaining in the safety zone without permission of the Captain of the Port or their designated representative.

    Mariners are requested to avoid the demolition area of the old bridge by using the western suspension bridge’s main navigational channel, between San Francisco and YBI. Just east of the demolition area mariners can use the alternate, lighted
    channel, "I" - "J" (existing bridge) and E3 - E4 (3rd and 4th piers east of YBI, new bridge). The green center span lights on the existing eastern bridge have been temporarily extinguished in the main channel span, "G" - "H" and span "H" - "J". The bridge fog signals east of YBI have been temporarily discontinued to allow demolition of the bridge. Clearances for alternate channel are; 442 ft of horizontal clearance and 112 ft of vertical clearance at Mean High Water. See Alternate_Channel.pdf in the Enclosure Section of this Local Notice to Mariners.

    For details at the work site, mariners may contact Caltrans at 510-385-7084 or the Contractor at 925-250-1298. For more details or comments contact the Eleventh
    Coast Guard District Bridge Office at 510-437-3515.
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    Should make transit to/from the EYC Jack Frost Midwinters interesting...


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      Not to mention the Three Bridge Fiasco!


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        Keep your ears tuned for someone yelling "Headache" from above.