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  • Lean On Me

    Wind storm earlier this week ravaged boats on the water and off. Estimated 80 mph at
    the Alameda Marina resulted in this near catastrophe... Nice to have somebody to lean on when things get sketchy...

    Thanks Chris Shepard for the photo!

    "Shot of the Deathspear last Friday morning. He needs a few tie downs like they use at the airport.
    Lots of damage around Alameda marina. 1 tri blown completely over on its trailer after spearing a stored car’s rear window.
    They needed a crane to upright it. Loads of roofing material as carpet in the parking lot too."
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    Whao! That could have been much, much worse!


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      Looks like the Wilderness 21 Tinker she's leaning on.


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        Yep, and Pogo my Moore 24 is just ahead of Death Spear. Fortunately I see her mast is still upright in the photo. Matt just finished repairing Tinker's bow from a previous collision on Stb!


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          Lean on me

          Tinker saved our bacon. Deathspear's rig was held by their backstay. The hulls didn't even touch. Lucky the bulb didn't jump from the tray. It could have been really bad. Didn't know breeze was coming and didn't put the A-frame that stabilized the trailer some. Working with the yard to install some anchor points on the slot.

          It was nerve racking nevertheless, when my crewed called me at 7:30 in the morning when he got to work and noticed something just wasn't right with the JS mast. Thanks to my friends and crew at Doyle who safely got it straighten out.

          Here is a better picture


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            Good thing the W-21 had their rig up and in good condition.

            You look closer to point of no return than ETZN did this summer!


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              So glad to see this did not result in more significant damage. I really enjoy the vids your crew puts out.
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                Are they going to allow anchor bolts now? If they change their mind - check the waterbed ballast system that Bridge Runner uses.


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                  Nice save, Tinker! Glad not worse - pretty tight bunch of boats there. I can just see domino effect....


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                    Chris forwards this image of the F-27 which impaled a car with its bow-sprit before coming to rest in the position seen
                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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