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3 Midwinters In One Day

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  • 3 Midwinters In One Day

    Much warmer temps, a nor-easter wind that teased the South Beach YC's Island Fever folks but surprised the Berkeley YC and Regatta Pro with breeze that actually seemed to build and remain in a semi consistent direction was all the rage this past Saturday.

    More pics, and hopefully some verbiage to follow!

    BYC Results

    SBYC Results

    Regatta Pro results not yet posted

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    Nice stuff. Why is Zarwell so slow with his program?


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      I think he's in Florida eating conch fritters.


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        mmmm conch fritters, mmmmmm


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          Gallery is up...contributions for an article are still coming in...will post later today!
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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            Some fine insights on the weekend's trio of mid winters which saw pleasant conditions return to Northern California after
            a brief encounter with Old Man Winter's dragging of an Arctic air masse for the 1st 10 days of December!

            Max Crittenden on Solar Wind speaks on the conditions on the South Bay at the Island Fever regatta:

            "For round 2 of South Beach Island Fever, there was good breeze when we got to the marina, and a little breeze still at the start. But at least for the slower PHRF group and the Catalina 30s, sent south along the waterfront, it mostly dropped off from there. We had ample opportunity to admire Bay View’s spiffy new AS1 mark, and the protective force field around mark 34 off Potrero Pt. was turned up to full power, making it just about impossible to approach from any angle. Believe me, we tried them all.

            How slow was it? So slow that Capt. Dryboat let the crew break open the beer mid-race. Thus fortified, we sneered at the DNF calls on the VHF and stuck it out until a little northwesterly filled in about 3:30. The last two-thirds of the distance was a piece of cake.

            The other classes didn’t have it much better. The non-spinnaker guys needed three hours to cross to the mouth of the Estuary and back, and even the fast kids took over two hours for the round trip around Blossom. More time on the water, sunny and warm – sounds like a perfect day."

            Island Fever Results

            Up on the Berkeley Flats, new convert to the J-70 class, Shana Bagley speaks of the day on the Bay racing in the Regatta Pro Series and the J-70 class:

            "During the sail over to the race start, the wind was very light and we were feeling a bit heavy with a party of four. Optimistically, we could see the breeze trying to fill in from the north. The changing wind patterns and the spring tide ebb caused the sea state to be a bit choppy and act like a hand brake (well, for a little J-70 anyway). The warm sunshine was a welcome change from prior race temps that were an unkind reminder of my recent jaunt in the Southern Ocean.

            The Force 4 winds were predominantly NNE. However they were patchy and shifty on our race course adjacent to the Berkeley circle, requiring quick reflexes on the helm (nice work JT) and frequent crew weight re-distribution. At both starts, everyone in the J-70 fleet had the same idea as to which end was favored, causing a bit of a traffic jam. The fleet had different reads on the best route across the course, only to have another log jam at the following mark. Small Craft Advisory sought out bigger breeze due to the number of souls on board. Friendly banter between the boats added to the highly competitive nature of this fleet. We didn’t place as well as we would have liked but we are still trying to find all of the buttons on our newly-acquired, wicked-fun flying machine.

            It doesn’t seem possible to ever have a bad time on a J-70. Seriously.

            Peace Out, Bagley (Small Craft Advisory Flight Team, co-conspirator, and the only pair of boobs in the fleet – come on gurrlz, get out there!!!)


            Drew Harper adds:

            "The J70 Bay Area fleet has arrived!

            This past Saturday, five J70's sailed the Regatta Pro midwinters. Intense competition included Jeff Thorpe, Tim Lidgard, Norm Davant, John Hayes, Ben Mercer and Garett Greenhalgh all battling it out with close roundings and seriously tight finishes.

            J70 fleet #19 is up and running with 2014 One design series under consideration. 10 boats in the Bay Area now and more on the way!"

            John Siegel of the Moore 24 Moorigami:

            Living in the SF Bay area has a lot of advantages, not the least of which is weather. On December 14th, we participated in the RegattaPro Midwinters series. Given the cold weather of the past several weeks, I dressed warmly for this event, but soon found myself stripping unnecessary layers. It was a gorgeous sunny day with northerly winds ranging from five to 13 knots. A significant ebb current made it challenging for all … especially the race committee.

            The 10 boat Moore 24 fleet enjoyed the usual great competition with lead changes occurring in both races. Because the puffs were consistently from the right, the race committee had to significantly favor the pin end of the line to force some distribution. Their strategy worked and competitors were forced to weigh the advantaged right side against the heavily favored pin.

            On Moorigami, we had our challenges starting with missing the top offset mark and having difficulty getting back to it in the adverse current. Banditos continues to dominate with a 1st and 2nd.

            All in all it was a great December Saturday on SF Bay. It’s a pleasure to race against competitive sailors who appreciate the advantages of fair upwind/downwind race courses, soft marks, gates, and multiple races per day. I can’t wait for January!

            Regatta Pro cumulative results

            Also on the Berkeley Circle, The BYC is still running their Midwinters, with 9 divisions in attendance,

            Andy Newell aboard AHI provides a bit of insight:

            "Relatively warm sunshine and moderate wind in December? Does it get any better than this?

            Bobbi gave us course 1 which went from the start at X to B, D, B, D, B, E and then back to the finish, 7.6 nm with lots of marks to round and plenty of traffic. The wind was relatively consistent out of the northeast at 10-12 knots except for a hole at the first rounding of D where the first 5 fleets all mixed together trying to get around the day mark. We went around amongst the Express 27 fleet with 6-8 of them inside us. Once we got out of that mess the wind evened out and it was a delightful day. We finished the race in around 2 hours, went back to Berkeley and hung around in the cockpit for a while (something we can’t always do in the summer) and then off to the club where BYC had cold beer and hot munchies waiting for us. A good time was had by all."

            George Ellison on Shameless add his perspective:

            "Saturday was one of those days that remind some of us why we left the Mid-West for San Francisco Bay: beautiful weather good breeze and great competition.

            SF 30s were the fifth start, and were probably the first fleet to have wind all the way around the course. As we approached the downwind mark the first time the Express 27s, and parts of all the early fleets were enjoying each other's company with somewhat boisterous conversations.

            We approached to take advantage of the tide (just in case) with Bob Izmirian on Jane Doe. We rounded, dropped and took the east side which appeared favored. We sailed in clear air the rest of the race, worked our way through a couple fleets that started ahead of us and and had a thoroughly nice day of it.

            I did make the mistake of betting our driver, Axel Mehnert, a bottle of single malt if he passed an Express 37 that started in the 1st start.....I hope he will share."

            And from the RC:

            Saturday, December 14:
            "A newcomer to the Bay Area joined us on Race Committee. His comment: “Oh, I see. Your Winter is really your Summertime.” That’s right, it seemed like summer in an area like Southern Calif. It was warm, sunny with very light air mostly from the North. 52 boats in 9 divisions started and finished. Elapsed times tell the tale. Even the fast boats took almost 2 hours to cover a mere 7.6 miles.

            At the half-way point of the series, 3 competitors can claim ‘clean sweeps’ with 2 firsts: Richard von Ehrenkrook’s Cal 20 “Can o’Whoopass, John Gulliford’s J 24 “Phantom” and Andrew Macfie’s Olson 30 “Hoot”.

            Sunday, December 15:
            Light to no air greeted us out at XOC. We were beginning to believe there wouldn’t be a race when a wispy little effort arrived. It was very Northerly and light, so a 6.6 mile course was chosen after a 25 minute postponement. The 28 boats glided around in the sunshine, with the last boat finishing by 15:21.

            Like Saturday, there are 3 boats that can chortle about doing well for the first half of the series: Larry Telford’s Islander 30-2 “Antares”, Will Paxton’s Express 27 “Motorcycle Irene” and the sole Multihull entry – Todd Craig’s “Foxtrot”.

            Full results are up!



            Respectfully submitted,
            Bobbi Tosse, BYC race person[/URL]

            Additional Images

            Thanks all for your contributions!
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            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

   Photo Gallery


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              Nice to get the perspectives of so many competitors, you might be on to something here!