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GGYC Seaweed Soup New Year's Edition

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  • GGYC Seaweed Soup New Year's Edition

    The 1st midwinter contest of 2014 is done and dusted, with the GGYC Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Regatta 2013-2014 series race number 3 completed. Sailed in light to light wind and the remnants of the 1st King Tides of the season, the RC split the fleet roughly in 1st 1/2 with the lower raters sailing the 6 mile, 2 lap sausage course 6 and the higher raters competing in a 1 lap 3 mile course 5.

    Notes from ace reporter Seymour Dodds:

    Wicked won “A”, Ragtime won “B”
    The Yucca division was won by Uno-WylieCat30 Brendan Meyer
    Bill Moore on Shenanigans won “D” with a mostly women crew

    Not a good day for Easoms.Scott Easom was OCS
    Hank managed to finish but was 4th about 8 corrected minutes behind Brendan Meyer who is now tied with Hank for the series.

    A lite air affair as indicated by 21 DNFs with a short delay with hardly any current
    Wind filled from East then when everyone was on the course, it sort of petered out.
    Then it petered up a little, a lot and just got plain annoying.

    Honestly thought the most exciting thing was that guy pressure spraying the StFYC’s red tile roof or the low level pass of the Turbo Beaver

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery