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Mid-Winter 2fer Jan 11 2013

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  • Mid-Winter 2fer Jan 11 2013

    Well, it hasn't really rained in the SF Bay Area for near 2 months and wouldn't ya know it,
    the one day of precipitation arrived smack dab in the middle of 2 mid winters running side by side on the Bezerkeley Water Front. Not that it was a big impedance, more or less a little reminder that it's not always sunny in the Bay. The bonus was a prefrontal S.E. shifting to S.W. win that was a bit more steady than the zyphers coming offshore in recent weeks. A brief insight on Saturday's racing on the Circle, hosted by the BYC, presented by Seymour Dodds ASC....

    Kind of shifty from Hunter’s Point breeze , murky not even a decent mist, D-grade line squalls up and up down race on the moderately foggy Olympic Circle.
    Essential it was the boat with the lowest handicap does the bestest.

    Depending on the wind phase the pin or the committee boat was favored… your guess. Thereafter kind of a parade up down and to the finish.
    Double WL for the big boys and once around for the Cal20s and miscellaneous yachts of a lesser god.

    That first leg Paid off for Wil Paxton he was about 7.33 minutes ahead of 14 other Express 27’s. Believe “Leading form the front” was the way he put it.

    In prerace smoozing Hoot was #1 ditto at the finish by 3 minutes and change
    Andy Macfie has won 4 of 5 Olson 30 races at the BYC MWs this season.

    And in them Cal 20s, Big news Can of Whoop Ass got whooped by about 4 minutes on a 4 mile course by the plain vanilla unheralded Raccoon

    Tim Stapleton won the smaller boats of a lesser god division.
    A Gi-normous Santa Cruz sails genoa might have helped

    Trig Liljestrand’s Ragtime started late in the A-Fleet, a crewman suffered a of a pre-race head clonking & was dropped off with the nearby RegattaPro whaler, but recovered enough for 5th race.

    [I]The Bilafers were runner up in the A Fleet to that J-111 that’s advertising the NY Stock Exchange



    image courtesy Nutball Imagery

    Over on the Regatta Pro course, inclement weather did little discourage participation, with only 4 boats out of the 59 boats not participating. "Mr Magoo" used a 1 & 4 to maintain and 11-13 point lead over "Desdemona" in the J-120 fleet. The J-105 fleet remained as tight as ever. with "Wonder" moving up the ranks with consistency, having never placed lower than 4th in 6 races in the 19 boat fleet, holding a narrow 2 point lead over "Jam Session" and "Cuchulainn" 13 point to 15. The Tahoe entry in the Melges 24 class, "Personal Puff", has utilized their light air supremacy holding a 10 points to 15 points over M1.

    The new J-70 Fleet is a battle between Norm Davant's "Javelin" and Mark Howes "Small Craft Advisory ", "Javelin" with a 6 point net total after 6 races with a 3rd as a throwout, SCA with 9 points and a 3rd throw out as well.

    photo©Cyril Guiraud

    "Banditos", leads the Moore 24 fleet of 11, holding a hand of 7 compared to closest competitors, "White Trash", 3 aces and a pair of deuces with massive 11th throwout makes the difference.

    Last but not least, the resurging J-24's, also with 11 participants shows another Tahoe crew, "Snow Job" exploiting light air sailing to their advantage, with a near perfect 6 points after 6 scored races, tossing out a 2 and keeping a two. The 2nd through 6th place boats are all bunched up, with the final races next month being the deciding factor.

    Full Series Results
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery