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2014 EYC Jack Frost January

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  • 2014 EYC Jack Frost January

    12-15 knots on the Berkeley Flats from the North provided the Encinal YC's Jack Frost
    midwinters crews happy. 2 races in the fashion of a sausage with Hollywood downwind finishes mad life easy for RC and contestants. And if you were headed back to the Estuary post race, and flying a kite, you took your gun or whistle and kept on trucking!

    Not sure when the bow riding on the Tuna 22's became a thang, but if it works!

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    Sure are some good looking people in that Tuna fleet!


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      Unfortunately, most of that nice looking wind didn't make it through the Bay Bridge. At South Beach the RC got the first two classes started, then postponed while we (slow spinnaker) were in our sequence. After waiting just 35 minutes, they abandoned the last two starts. To be fair, it looked pretty dead out on the race course at that point.

      We drifted out on the current and found just enough breeze to sail backwards for a good two boatlengths, thoroughly erasing the old boat name. After toasting the new name with Bushmill's, we hit a windier patch and had a good spinnaker run almost back to McCovey Cove where it died again. The non-spinnaker class, just reaching across to Alameda and back, were mostly able to finish, but it looked hopeless for the Catalina 30s trying to get down to 34 against the increasing ebb.

      Results, such as they are: