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GGYC Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup March

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  • GGYC Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup March

    Saturday, March 1st Corrected Finishes

    Fleet: 01 - PHRF 1 Ratings < 29
    usa6, RACER X, Gary Redelberger, 9
    usa76, USA 76, Brad Webb, -78
    usa43690, TNT, Brad Copper, 6
    usa94, CALIFORNIA CONDOR, Hill Blackett Iii, 0
    usa5, WICKED, Richard Courcier, 9
    8 Boats

    Fleet: 02 - PHRF 2 Ratings > or = 29 but < 58
    57, EIGHT BALL, Scott Easom, 54
    1000, OUTSIDER, Greg Nelsen, 57
    91, SYMMETRY, Howard Turner, 36
    50090, RAGTIME, Trygve ( Trig ) Liljestra, 48
    38008, SAPPHIRE, David Rasmussen, 42
    10 Boats

    Fleet: 03 - PHRF 3 Ratings > or = 58 but < 124
    50444, HAWKEYE, Frank Morrow, 66
    3113, ARCADIA, Gordie Nash, 123
    8526, YUCCA, Hank Easom, 90
    18003, HARP, Mike Mannix, 117
    28632, UNO, Brendan Meyer, 105
    12 Boats

    Fleet: 04 - PHRF 4 Ratings > or = 124
    67, SHENANIGANS, Bill Moore, 129
    28890, NANCY, Pat Broderick, 129
    78, XARIFA, Paul Manning, 156
    82, YOUNGSTER, Ron Young, 156
    2302, LAYLA, Tom Haverstock, 216
    8 Boats

    Fleet: 05 - Catalina 34
    108, SEA SPIRIT, Kenneth Naylor, 156
    611, QUEIMADA, David Sanner, 156
    524, ALL HAIL, Page Van Loben Sels, 147
    8, MOTTLEY, Chris Owen, 156
    796, AMANDLA, Kurt Magdanz, 156
    5 Boats

    Fleet: 06 - Knarr
    102, BENINO, Mark Dahm, 198
    144, FIFTY/FIFTY, Brent Crawford, 198
    143, NARCISSUS, John Jenkins, 198
    123, Gå, Don Taylor, 198
    85, SHADOW, William Belmont, 198
    6 Boats

    Fleet: 07 - Folkboat
    usa-107, NORDIC STAR, Richard Keldsen, 252
    us113, POLPERRO, Peter Jeal, 252
    56, SHANTY, Mark Slichter, 252
    usa-108, THEA, Chris Herrmann, 252
    116, EMMA, George Cathey, 252
    6 Boats

    Race results at:
    Regatta details at:

    Final Standings after 5 races

    01 - PHRF 1 Rating < 29
    usa6, RACER X, Gary Redelberger, 8 Points tyc
    usa94, CALIFORNIA CONDOR, Hill Blackett Iii, 9 Points ryc
    usa43690, TNT, Brad Copper, 10 Points ryc
    usa5, WICKED, Richard Courcier, 14 Points tyc
    48005, BODACIOUS+, John Clauser, 15 Points ryc
    7 Boats

    02 - PHRF 2 Rating => 29 and < 58
    57, EIGHT BALL, Scott Easom, 4 Points sfyc
    usa17, MADMEN, Dorian Mckelvy, 13 Points stfyc
    50090, RAGTIME, Trygve ( Trig ) Lilj, 13 Points sfyc
    1000, OUTSIDER, Greg Nelsen, 14 Points sss
    91, SYMMETRY, Howard Turner, 14 Points scyc
    13 Boats

    03 - PHRF 3 Rating => 58 and < 124
    8526, YUCCA, Hank Easom, 6 Points sfyc
    50444, HAWKEYE, Frank Morrow, 8 Points other
    28632, UNO, Brendan Meyer, 8 Points ryc
    3113, ARCADIA, Gordie Nash, 16 Points ryc
    18003, HARP, Mike Mannix, 17 Points sss
    17 Boats

    04 - PHRF 4 Rating => 124
    67, SHENANIGANS, Bill Moore, 4 Points sfyc
    82, YOUNGSTER, Ron Young, 8 Points sfyc
    78, XARIFA, Paul Manning, 10 Points stfyc
    28890, NANCY, Pat Broderick, 15 Points sss
    2302, LAYLA, Tom Haverstock, 19 Points ggyc
    10 Boats

    05 - Catalina 34
    611, QUEIMADA, David Sanner, 5 Points
    524, ALL HAIL, Page Van Loben Sels, 10 Points sbyc
    108, SEA SPIRIT, Kenneth Naylor, 13 Points sbyc
    8, MOTTLEY, Chris Owen, 13 Points sbyc
    796, AMANDLA, Kurt Magdanz, 15 Points cyc
    6 Boats

    06 - Knarr
    144, FIFTY/FIFTY, Brent Crawford, 6 Points sfyc
    143, NARCISSUS, John Jenkins, 12 Points sfyc
    123, Gå, Don Taylor, 15 Points ryc
    134, KNARR 134, Eric Gray, 16 Points stfyc
    102, BENINO, Mark Dahm, 17 Points stfyc
    11 Boats

    07 - Folkboat
    us113, POLPERRO, Peter Jeal, 5 Points bvbc
    usa-107, NORDIC STAR, Richard Keldsen, 8 Points stfyc
    usa-108, THEA, Chris Herrmann, 9 Points sfyc
    56, SHANTY, Mark Slichter, 20 Points bvbc
    116, EMMA, George Cathey, 22 Points sss
    7 Boats

    Regatta details at:

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Ugh, another day on the leeward rail? Wasn't it supposed to blow today? Sadly I watched the shower cells fly by from my office window.


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      Yeah, me too DS. I'm glad some guys got to go sailing.

      Debits towards the door, credits towards the window . . .


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 was just a matter of time....

        ...still feverishly editing...this caught my eye....Mr Happy chases Insolent Minx...

        How to ruin the undercarriage/brakes/exhaust of your fine European sedan

        The 1st 1/3 of edited images ofthe race IS HERE!!!
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Did you buy a boat pb?


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            What he said.


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              PB wouldn't be caught dragging a fender like that. I think the 36.7 owner just has website envy.


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                Fagundes Finale

                Saturday's 5th and final race of the GGYC's Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup saw 4 boats in contention to win the coveted Seaweed Soup Perpetual Trophy. Scott Easom's Farr 30 "Eight Ball," his Uncle Hank on the 8 Meter " Yucca", Bill Moore at the helm of the Express 27, "Shenanigans" and Peter Jeal's Folkboat "Polperro" , all entering with at least 3 bullets in their pockets after 4 races.

                The forecast was for a 6.2 high tide right at the start and ensuing ebb combined with a dying easterly that would change to either a Northwesterly, or Southwesterly, depending on where you gathered your information. Utilizing the tidal information " Because the midwinter currents almost always trump the wind" as PRO Matt Jones says, the RC stretched out the pin end of the starting line in a heavily current favored position, skewed to the west, hoping to encourage boats to stay offshore and ride the remaining flood for the 1st leg. " It was good in theory, but maybe be skewed it a bit too much" Matt said "We ended up getting a few boats bunching up right on shore where the current basically hosed them"

                With the marks off Fort Mason and inside the South Tower, the faster boats were blessed with 8 plus knots for the starts of PHRF 1 , 2 and 3, a 7.1 mile 2 lap Course 6 City Front parade, backwards from the traditional direction, setting their kites at Fort Mason and riding downhill toward the Gate. As the clock neared noon, the last 4 divisions were sent on a 1 lap Course 5, but were faced with a stronger ebb on the shore, weaker wind and even weaker flood in the middle. As expected, those who went outside got the benefit, albeit much smaller than the low raters enjoyed just a short time before. As the many of the Course 6 boats were on their 1st windward leg a pack of the faster boats had already rounded their 1st leeward gate and were making their way east again. But this is where the dynamics got interesting.

                As the wind from the east began to fizzle, some of that due to the approaching counter clockwise, backdoor weather front a new north westerly appeared. Literally it paid to be behind for some boats!

                A large number of the PHRF 2 and 3 were able to fly the kites from Fort Mason to the South Tower, douse, then reset and fly the kite to the finish! Even some of the unfortunate souls in the Folkboat and Catalina 34 fleet which had been struggling to avoid flushing out the Gate, were gifted with a mother nature assist as the new breeze. Others, further back in the course got the polar opposite and had an uphill climb both ways!

                To no one's surprise, Brad Webb's IACC, USA 76 waterlined the fleet and was the quickest around the 2 lap course in a mere 1 hour and 44 minutes, what was surprising was Gary Redelbergers Farr 36 "Racer X" finishing just 4 minutes behind and correcting out to win PHRF1. In PHRF 2, and needing a bullet to clinch the Fagundes Trophy, Scott Easom easily took the gun ahead of Greg Nelsen's Azzura 310 " Outsider" by more than 22 minutes. PHRF 3 was settled in a tad closer fashion, with Frank Morrow's IMX-38 "Hawkeye" was able to outfox the ever wiley Gordie Nash's Arcadia by 2:41 corrected and eliminating Hank Easom from collecting another season series trophy as Hank and crew on board Yucca finished 3rd.

                The 8 boat PHRF division was handily decided with Bill Moore' Express 27 " Shenanigans" 1h:13:04 romp, giving him a 15 minute plus advantage correct over Pat Broderick's Wyliecat 30 "Nancy" and putting him in podium position for the Trophy. There were 5 starters in the Catalina 34 division and 4 finishers. Top dog of the Day Was Kenneth Naylor's "Sea Spirit" by a decisive 20 minutes advantage over David Sanner's "Queimada", yet Sanner and company won the series with a 5 point advantage of 2nd place " All Hail".

                50/50 was the series champs in the Knarr Division, Brent Crawford and company ending the series with 6 points, despite finishing nearly 13 minute behind Mark Dahm's "Benino" on the day. Last but not least, Peter Jeal's Folkboat "Polperro" ended the season with 5 points after Saturdays race, winning the division, but not the days race, completing the course 34 minutes behind Richard Keldsen's "Nordic Star".
                By virtue of fleet size, Scott Easom is the winner of the 2013-2014 Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Regatta with a score of 4 after tossing out a 3rd. Bill Moore and the Shenanigan crew also ended the season with 4 points, unfortunate due to fleet size, but a well deserved podium place!

                Complete Gallery
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                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

       Photo Gallery


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                  Way to Go SFYC!! 3 victories in tough classes. Congratulations to both Easom's and Bill Moore on dominant performances.