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SD PV Preview, Race and Aftermath

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    Getting Home Is Sometimes Hard

    As the delivery crew of the Santa Cruz 50 Deception work their way up the coast,
    communication continues and the progress is slow:

    seven thirty am April 5th. Captains log of the good ship Deception. Lat 26
    16 Lon 113 29 Day three of the Bash and both the crew and the boat are
    taking a beating. We had up to 28 knots on the nose last night with steep
    seas. Enough to cause some tumbles and bruises down below and some deck
    flushers up above. You don't need to imagine the wetness. You know.
    Ockam mast backlight went out with the moisture. Otto has been acting up all
    night and can't be left alone. We've done hand steering whenever necessary.
    Sleeping in the upper births is impossible. You get slammed into the ceiling
    too often. Two up watches overnight. And when the wind is up two during the
    day too. Sean was up for some of the worst of the weather. No complaints
    from him, but he was curious if it was going to be like this the whole way.
    We had made such good progress the first two days that even though the
    forecast didn't look too good we decide to press on after Mag Bay to Turle
    Bay. We have not been able to keep to rhumb line. Even when the wind is
    favorable the waves aren't. So we still have 120 miles to go. I'll download
    some more weather forecasts after this email. Not that there is much we can
    do about things at this moment.
    Spirits still good. Bruises will heal. We may decide to stay in Turtle Bay.
    Start a family. Plant some seeds. Grow old and die.
    Standing By

    Subject: trying to find an anchorage

    Hi - Robin here. Wish we had heard about Peter's weather warning email a
    bit earlier!. I was happily cooking up tuna for lunch and enjoying a
    pleasant 15 kts taking us practically rhumbline. As soon as we washed up -
    BOOM - 30 kts. We had planning to make Turtle Bay around 1am, but quickly
    decided to try for a small bay only 90 minutes away. But it was howling 30
    kts in there too, so we are heading out again and plan on tacking back in a
    bit to reach Ascuncion Bay. Sadly, all the guides say this is the worst time
    of day to try to get into any of these bays, but the option of sailing in
    these seas all night seems rather insane.

    It's rather moist inside the boat and a white water rafting trip outside.
    It'll surely suck if we don't get an anchor spot for the night, because we
    want to take Peter's advice and sit this out. Crap, now it's my turn to go
    up top - 1 hour rotating shifts with 3 up, 1 down.
    No Bill, we're not fishing today! We'll update you tomorrow but I wanted
    you to know the rodeo we were in right now.

    26*54 by 114*09, COG 336 at 17:21pm

    Subject: safe

    We made it to Bahia Asuncion by 8pm today. The morning was just fine, but
    after noon it picked up quickly to the upper twenties. So Robin had the idea
    of looking for a closer anchorage. Brilliant. Peter's email confirmed the
    idea. So we bore away to a comfy close reach into Hipolito Bay. We knew it
    would be a windy spot but at least it would be protected from waves. Once
    there we hated the spot. It was now close to 4 pm and another 18 miles dead
    upwind to the next spot. We decided to try it. Fateful decision. It was
    blowing in the low thrirties and by now the waves had grown to short and
    steep growlers. So we battled those all the way to sunset. We couldn't crack
    off for comfort. So we took it on the nose. Good practice for driving
    manually. Lord knows Otto can't be trusted to dodge these growlers. To top
    it off Sean got knocked over on a lurch right into the door of the head
    which had Robin relaxing. Hilarity was much needed.
    So here we are drinking our alcoholic beverages and discussing our next
    steps. We need a vacation even though there is a nice weather window cover
    coming. Crew Kicks Butt.
    Bill, you asked. Yes we did manage to catch one fish. A smallish Tuna. Still
    the biggest thing Sean ever caught. He was stoked.
    The black sledge hammer earned its keep and we all had a wonderful lunch.
    I will let you know what our plans are and what you can expect regarding ETA
    Thanks for all the good wishes.
    JV Standing By.
    PS from them
    Sue. I want a raise
    Mike. Your boat leaks
    Sean. We're sailing in a colander
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      Sounds like the delivery crew are really earning their pay this year!