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    Pretty well buried, they was...
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      cool write up on the fp!


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        Sorry for delay, was waiting for a couple reports to filter in...there still may be another one or two...have one?
        Send It! Thanks!

        If you were watching the forecasts ahead of this weekend's SSS Corinthian Race on Saturday, you knew there was a weather system headed our way. There seemed to be a bit of disagreement in the models, one which put the front sliding through in the early hours and pushing out well ahead of the 11:00 start of the Corinthian YC in Tiburon. The other was for a wet day. As luck would have it, the latter won out, and while the pre-race pre-frontal winds out of the south promised a quick ride across the 18 nm course, they turned out to be just a tease, enticing sailors to rig small, expecting #3 conditions.

        Of the 127 shorthanded boats which registered 31 boats thought otherwise of the forecast or found more interesting things to do, like maybe taxes, and were not on the line as the 1st cannon blast echoed through Raccoon Strait. Chris Harvey was expected to compete aboard his F-25-c Mojo, but found dealing with his plumbing issues more rewarding. The other 96 short handed sailors, divided somewhat evenly between single handers and double handers embraced the rain, the dying wind and low visibility in stride

        Current at 11:00 Start

        Greg on Azzura 310 Outsider in the DH Sportboat division indicated "A shitty day, not just cause the rain but every time he got an established lead and showed the trailing boats the path, the wind died and the boats caught up" But at least 5 of the 6 the sportboats were able to get around the course before the 18:30 game over whistle. With an elapsed time of 04:39:22, Michael Radcliff's Synergy 1000 Kilo was the quickest sportboat of the day but yielded on corrected time to Ben Landon's T650 Flight Risk for 1st in division.

        David Morris has traded out his ownership of the Wylie designed Moonshadow for a Corsair F-27 named Tri-n-fly, whihc he flew to victory in the singlehanded multihull division. Racing in the DH Mulithull division, Darren Doud's Roshambo was the quickest boat around the bay, completing in 03:56:10, with plenty of cushion to retain on corrected as well.

        Darren Doud gives us a glimpse of the wet day aboard Roshambo:

        It was an interesting day. I think Mark Eastham on Ma's Rover summarized the start the best... think water-boarding. Cold and wet. I could hardly look up to check sail trim without getting a face full of water. At least this time it is not saltwater. Our start was less than ideal as we ended up trailing Origami and Ma's Rover out of the starting area. My crew Lew made the call to point the bows down and get into our pass gear to pull ahead of the other tris. Ma's Rover helped out our situation by heading higher still thinking we were heading to little Harding. Half way to Blossom we deployed the screecher as we notice Ma's Rover was making good gains on us.

        We rounded Blossom about 200 yards ahead of Ma's Rover and started to make our way up to Blackaller. Ma's Rover closed the gap to about 2 feet! at Blackaller. As we rounded we hoisted the spin and about 7/8 of the way up the spin halyard shackle caught a fitting on the mast and released the spin. Lew saw the shackle open and was able to collect the spin before it when into the water. The spin halyard is at the top of the mast, so we have to use the screecher halyard to hoist the spin. This is less than ideal as the screecher halyard exits the mast 2 feet below the spin halyard. We quickly get the spin up and we are now are chasing Ma's Rover.

        We are neck and neck down the middle of the bay. Ma's Rover jibed over Alcatraz and we duck his transom by 2 feet as we jibed over to point blunt. At this time Lew notices a small fog formation over angle island that is moving from east to west. Sure enough we hit a wind hole and ten minutes later we are sailing in a easterly. We come out the transition a little better than Ma's Rover and pull out 1/8 mile lead. The wind starts to clock north and we get lifted to Southampton. We hit another wind hole about 200 yard from the mark.

        We grabbed lunch while we waited for wind to fill. Soon as lunch was over the westerly arrived and we reached around the mark. Lew spots Ca Condor with the spin up in Raccoon with good pressure, so we headed up Raccoon. Lew calls the layline from the north shore of the Raccoon and we made quick work of the ride up and back from little Harding. The last 100 yards to the finish was the hardest. With a strong ebb and little to no wind at the finish. It required three attempts to finally cross the finish line. Thanks to the SSS race committee for standing out in the rain and allowing us to go racing. It was a fun and interesting day with a lot of changing conditions.

        The following is from Mark Eastham the skipper of Ma's Rover:

        Start....think water-boarding ! look up and feel cold water in your mouth and nose as well as running down your neck into your chest and beyond .......
        wind my call whole fleet off the line well and pretty even... all pacing together toward blossom except me....sailing wrong coarse for a few minutes but at least that positioned me a bit upwind and thus set screech to shift gears....ROSHAMBO per routine was tearing it up and rounded 1st with 200 + yard lead

        long upwind tacking leg to blackaller....ROSHAMBO 1st again but now by 2 feet ....MA'S ROVER passed them moments later on route to southampton when their spinny fell into the drink (head shackle broke)....we held lead until a hole behind the rock stopped us ....ROSHAMBO passed us using screecher halyard for the chute !

        wind now dying....most of the fleet was between GGB and ROCK in slack turning to ebb.... limping behind ROSHAMBO by a quarter-mile or so, the breeze finally filled in to about 8-10 ! moving again ROSHAMBO rounded southampton as i timed out about 4 1/2 min lead when with about 50 yards to go a complete wind shutdown.....forward motion stopped in a building ebb right in our face.....spent the next 15-20 mins doing what darren dowd looking over his shoulder described as "benny hill" maneuvers to get around southampton that point i was speaking in a language the clergy do not know.... ROSHAMBO grabbed the ebb and floated like baby moses in a basket thru raccoon and on to finish crushing everyone !.... great job by those guys who because of imposed restraining orders managed to avoid a public humping of the starting line inflatable this year !

        hot bath at 7 pm never felt so good !

        Andrew Zimmermans won the 3 boat SH Sportbaot division on his Olson 30 Warpath

        Current at 15:00

        In the Singlehanded PHRF 108 and under, Rick Ekins on his custom Wylie 39 Lightspeed was way fast, comparatively, 8 minute and 50 seconds shy of 6 hours to best 2nd place, Brian Boschma on Olson 34 Red Sky, who gave us some thoughts of the conditions Saturday:

        The wind was awesome out of the south early in the AM with gusts to 30... then the rain arrived around 8:30 to nine and the skies opened up....The wind died.. start was delayed 15 minutes and boats sent on course 2... Start, Stuart, Blossom, Blackaller, Southampton, Finish. Current was ebbing later in day at two knot in a 6 knot westerly. "The kids kayaking in Raccoon Strait were surfing some nice standing waves" Brain said. Brian finished on his Olson 34 around 6:00 PM, very close to the cut off time. He also guesstimates roughly 1/2 the entered boats showed up and competed...

        2 J-105s were top finishers in DH PHRF 108 and under: Adam Spiegel's Jam Session and Mary McGrath's Racer X sailed well enough to correct out ahead of the much larger Worth 40 Freedom and class 40 California Condor.

        In preparation for the upcoming Single Handed Transpac, Natalie Criou was victorious in the 4 boat Express 27 Single handed division, beating Phil Krasner's Wetsu by nearly 5 minutes. Natalie also provided some commentary below,as well as some frames from her boat, Elise

        Nat's selfie in the rain

        all images courtesy Nat Criou

        Nice ride from Stfyc, south, 15-18 at start then big drop to 5-6 at start, still southerly,
        close reach to Blossom, wind shift and beat to Blackaller, set kite, with 4 Express 27s together.
        Expresses split, 2 boats to Racoon 2 to Blunt, ebb building, north side, flyer didn't pay off, but got some nice wind 15 -17 knots light at Southhampton..Little Harding 12 knots, next and ebb ride made things a close reach..had to gybe 4 times to make finish, kite finish...little wind 3-4 knots..finish about 5...single handers all finished together....

        Natalie is competitor in the Single Handed Transpac, her 1st time in the SSS Tranpac. 2nd time to Hawaii, 1st two times in Pac Cup! 1st time was in Pac Cup 2008 with Nathan Bossett on Elise. Natalie will be doing her qualifications of 400 in the next few weeks for SSS transpac
        "My sense is it will be fun and tough"

        Other winners on the course:

        Uno wins the 5 boat Wyliecat 30 Division

        Gordie Nash on Arcadia scorched the 10 boat DH Spinnaker 111 to 159 division:

        Gordies secret?

        "We were really paying attention to tidelines, wind shifts and of course pressure! We did a lot of gybing, and if the wind shifted more than 5 degrees we gybed. We watched for the wind streaks and kept a very close eye on the tideline, and made sure we were on the right side of the
        course! A lot of people thought the boat was fast, but the key is being on the right way! A fun challenging day, but well worth it!"

        Nick and Connor Gibbens outsailed 5 other Express 27's on Shenanigans

        Richard Korman' JR was the sole representative in the DH Moore division, there must be a special award there.

        Synthia Petroka sailing her Hawkfarm 28 Eyrie crossed th line 1 second ahead of Tony Castruccio's J-30 Windspeed and gained another 12 minute corrected to win SH spinny 162 and over

        The DH 162 and over spinnaker division saw 6 DNF's and had Donn Guay winning on his Newport 30 Zeehond

        Only 2 of 8 starters in SH Non spin division with Dan Knox's Islander 36 Luna Sea the victor

        Jennifer Mckenna's Zingaro, a Tuna 22 crossed the finish line with 3 minutes and 1 second left on the clock, yet corrected well ahead of J-111 Swiftness and J-124 Paco

        And finally, Mad Max Crittenden saw whales and a checkered flag for his Martin 32 Iniscaw to win the
        SF30 DH Division

        Full Results
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        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Showing up is 1/2 the battle. Extra credit for the boats that slugged it out to the bitter end.
          Even if you just miss the gun, that effort and grit pay off down the road.


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            The "unicorns with rainbows shooting out their asses" were out Sunday.


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              Shenanigans ended up having a very good day- surprising to us that we finished 1st OA in the double handed group. Abigail Morgan and El Raton sailed better races choosing big jibs when appropriate and better tactics through the central bay. That said, it ain't over till it's over. We rounded the last mark in a solid 3rd but opted to hit the relief on Angel Is. face instead of spawning down the straights to the finish. Kind of our only move at that point and in hind sight the right call. Ended up jib reaching across the straights with nice apparent breeze to just squeeze in front of Abigail. Hate to snatch victory from jaws of defeat from Ron & Oliver, but that's racing! Only after finishing did I look around and see our company- many high raters still finishing - that thoughts of a high overall finish crept in. Icing on the cake is to have my 15 year old Connor on the bow!

              Nice 1,2,3 finish for the Express 27 fleet - best one design on SF Bay!

              Nick Gibbens
              Shenanigans SFYC


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                Great Racing guys….. saw the pack of E27s near the finish and knew one of you had it.