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Encinal Friday night beercans start this Friday

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  • Encinal Friday night beercans start this Friday

    A few sporties already signed up. If we get a few more I'm sure we can get the club to give us our own start....

    So far the JS, Frankenwabbit, Outsider (I'm sure). I know there are a bunch more in the area.

    Oh, and great Dark&Stormies at the bar after racing...

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    A frankenwabbit you say????
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      Not sure I want our own start unless we get a lot of boats. No sense us doing laps with 3-5 boats just to get our own start. There aren't a lot of other Sporties in the estuary that I know that race regular but it would be great if more came out. I would rather be in a fleet of 8-10 boats to keep it interesting.


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        Who else can we target? The ID35 usually races Wednesdays.


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          The Melges 30 seems like a good candidate, not sure about the 32 getting out on Fridays.


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            The total entry count looks real low at this point but many don't enter till fairly late.


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              We're set for non-sporty hope it don't rain


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                Having run this series, and helped out on numerous occasions, I can confirm that people enter late. Very late. Beyond the deadline. And those are typically the people yammering at the committee afterwards for results. My response the year I ran it to the most offense and very experienced sailor who asked that question was to remind him that handing me his entry form as we left the dock was beyond the deadline to enter. Way beyond. He could have results in minutes, if that pleased him, if I simply stopped inputting all the last minute entries, like his, to score the series. He became a bit kinder, and thought my approach of delayed results so that I can input late entries without penalizing them a race was 'in line with a beercan series'.

                Please, folks, data entry takes time. Sign up early.