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    Ellen Hoke was there to capture "The Nipple's" close encounter with the Anita Rock day mark off of Crissy Field during race 2 of todays J-Fest..we have a tone of images and close encounters of J-Boast of every delineation for you tomorrow
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    During Saturdays J-Fest held at the St Francis Yacht Club, Rob Theis's J-111 Aeolus encountered a bad situation
    after just rounding the offset mark and hoisting their new $6,000.00 spinnaker. With winds in the 15 -20 knot range,
    and numerous fleets criss crossing along the city front, with the lower weather marks just above and outside of Anita Rock,
    Aeolus rounded in 1st place in race 2. Crew member Mr. X says, "We got the kite up and spin pole collapses,
    sending and extra 12' of tack line running out and creating the ensuing chaos. It appears the cam cleat didn't properly set."

    Aeolus then rounds up just to windward with now flogging kite and 30' of halyard, which proceeded to get tangled around the Anita Rock
    day mark, with all its fancy weather data equipment. The boat bore away from the mark, but the port sheet was pinched and pulling on the lifelines and backstay.
    With the motor running, the crew attempted to push clear and away from Anita, but by now the top of the kite
    was wrapping around the anemometer on the weather station. Ooops...

    By Now they are totally hosed. The kite is gonna go bye bye, time to think about keep the boat
    off of the concrete piling and rock on which it rests...The motor is gunned and the main fills and the tackline is
    released, miraculously the kite, draped over the anemometer comes free sparing the crew from losing the entire rig.

    But this is J-Fest and that means dozens of other boat sailing in the vicinity must be avoided, example given, in the final frames
    of Ellen Hoke's awesome sequence, the J-120 Perigrine is in close proximity,
    and yet another insult to injury is narrowly avoided...

    "We were in 1st and sailing really well," said Mr X "Had we kept our position, we could have been in 1st for the Day, the real bummer is that
    kite was used on just 2 runs, and at a price of $6,000.00, our rudimentary math tell us that equals $ 3,000.00 per run. The crew regrouped really nicely
    and everything was textbook in the recovery. Really great sailing in the J-111 fleet, it's going to be a great summer as we add even additional boats and the competition
    ramps up"

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      The "normal" weather mark position is up on Presidio Shoals, hundreds of yards to the west. Who is the fucking idiot that put them just to weather of the Anita Rock offset buoy? Seriously, someone needs a boot in the nuts.


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        That would be John Craig, sir...

        Just for clarification, there were two course weather marks, the lower one was it was far enough above and outside of Anita to allow boats to set and gybe away.
        But with 5 different very aggro fleets, and boats looking for the early flood relief, the beach was the place to be on Saturday afternoon when going downhill...
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          I have never seen a ark set close enough to AR that it was ever a factor during a bear away set. If it was close enough to AR that it REQUIRED you to gybe or gybe set to clear the AR offset, then it was too damn close and Craig should know better.


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            The mark was fine - plenty of time to launch, clean-up and gybe. Then, when clear, gybe back to the beach for ebb relief. We used Anita as a pick a couple of times to keep our air clear - useful.