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West Coast Sailing, New Speed Run.

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  • West Coast Sailing, New Speed Run.

    How many Trailerable California boat owners (capable of offshore) might want to do this race?
    It is about 140 miles.
    If any BIg Keel boat owners are interested please respond also.
    I will look at the number of responds to gauge the interest.
    I have talked to a few people who are interested. It will take the rest of the year to organize it for the next season.
    So please pass it around and let us know.
    This could become the Surf Fest of the West Coast.

    I'll call it the San San for now because it is from San Luis Obispo to San Buena Ventura.
    Roughly 140 miles. The first 40 is a reach, The next 60 is a broad to downwind with jibes and from Frys Harbor on Santa Cruz it is a broad reach to Ventura Harbor. This all depends on the wind of course.
    Trailerable boats just have to show up and launch. Any Keel boats that want to will have to get around the 2 points.

    How many have sailed around Conception?? I've done it twice.

    This image below was taken from Sailflow on 04/05/14 at 530PM. The winds in the AM were not much different.
    I would expect this race to take between 12 to 18 hours depending on the (keel) boat.


    This could become part of the Ullman Offshore?
    It could be scheduled just before the King Harbor Race?
    Or it could stand on it's own?
    Guaranteed fast passage and no border bullshit.

    If no one is interested then no skin lost.

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    You might have something there!