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Warriors Abandon Piers 30-32 Select Mission Bay Site

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  • Warriors Abandon Piers 30-32 Select Mission Bay Site

    The SF Chronicle now confirms that the Golden State Warriors have elected not to pursue building a new stadium at Pier 30-32 and instead utilize a property close to SF Boatworks and The Ramp. This brings to question, whether the SF Board Of Supervisors did the right thing when negotiating with Larry Ellison prior to the 34th America's Cup, when Ellison sought to take the white elephant that is Pier 30-32 and rehabilitate it to a usable, taxable property. If you recall, Ellison was to invest $80 million of his own money to rehab the crumbling pier for development rights and a free long term lease on the property which would expire when Ellison recouped his investment costs. The City declined and the Warrior's later showed an interest in purchasing and developing a new arena on the pier, which has been greeted with a massive amount of opposition and ever escalating cost estimates.

    Piers 30-32 on top in yellow and the new Warriors home highlight at bottom of image

    IF the city had indeed granted Ellison those rights, there might have been a stronger case for Ellison to keep the Cup in San Francisco. On the other hand, this most recent news, might suggest that the City would revisit that possibility, which might entice Ellison to revisit SF as host for AC 35?

    04-21) 12:54 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- The Golden State Warriors have abandoned their plan to build an arena on Piers 30-32 just south of the Bay Bridge and instead have purchased a site in Mission Bay to hold their new 18,000-seat venue, sources close to the deal have confirmed to The Chronicle.

    The Warriors bought the 12-acre site from for an undisclosed amount in a deal that was inked Saturday night. The team plans to have the arena ready for the 2018-19 NBA season.

    The shift in location provides the team with predictability, fewer regulatory hurdles and eliminates the need for any voter approval.

    It should also assuage the project's most vocal critics, who opposed building a 120-foot high arena on Piers 30-32 over concerns about traffic, environmental impacts during construction and blocked views of the Bay Bridge.

    The Mission Bay site, where Salesforce originally planned to locate its corporate campus, will have a planned waterfront park across from the arena, has a Muni T-Third stop right in front of it, and already has two adjacent parking garages that can hold a combined 2,130 cars.

    When the Central Subway opens - projected for 2018, the year the Warriors plan to open the arena - the line will provide essentially a straight shot to the Powell Street Muni/BART station downtown.

    The Warriors will own the site outright, rather than leasing it from the Port of San Francisco, and say the arena will be entirely privately financed - perhaps the first sports venue of its kind in the country that uses no taxpayer funds or public land.

    The new site does not, however, have the stunning views of the Bay Bridge, instead looking out onto a dry dock, an industrial pier and the rusting old pilings that dot the water.

    John Coté is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail:
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    The city won't be happy until that pier completely falls into the bay, being an eyesore for what, the next 50+ years?


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      A lot of square feet of prime real estate on that eyesore.


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        A lot of water front potential at new site, if they clear out all the old wood pilings, a new water based transport
        hub could be built. I suspect the Warriors can envision that as well.


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          Originally posted by Wetspot View Post
          A lot of water front potential at new site, if they clear out all the old wood pilings, a new water based transport
          hub could be built. I suspect the Warriors can envision that as well.
          A bunch of that work was done recently by the port, including building up the shoreline with riprap.

          If I'm not mistaken, in the final negotiations for the AC, Larry Ellison got rights to develop a private marina in the waters surrounding Pier 54 extending north nearly to Pier 50 and southward to the area where the old Arctic Oil Works/Standard Oil pier pilings still exist.

          (Also I heard said that the whole point of negotiating these rights was so Larry could stymie the plans of some nearby land owner he had a grudge with and that the marina would never be built... but how long is the waiting list at South Beach anyway?)


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            South Beach waiting list? A decade maybe - AND - you have to pay a fee each year to stay on the list.