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    Are those rotating masts more susceptible to overloading?


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      @ Andy N

      Thanks. I'm definitely frustrated and disappointed, but nothing I can do to change it now. Just need to find a way to salvage as much of the season as possible. I suppose if I lived in Chicago I would be even more bummed out.


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        I thought Orion relocated to So Cal and Mexico?


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          A few words from the Fine Furniture division

          On the Elite Keel course Saturday was great fun with a good hard blow, but nothing over the top. Nice shot of us getting Xarifa downwind - not the right day to fly a kite with our lightest crew, poling out the jib cost us maybe 3-8 boat lengths each downwind leg but probably saved us in the wallet.

          Sunday's first race was mellow, maybe 12kts of breeze and flat water. Really pleasant East Coast sort of affair. We were able to punch through bad air underneath at the line, work up to pinch off those nearest, and kept clear air the rest of the way for our first weekend bullet in a while.

          The weather was so nice it suckered our skipper into tacking off his foulie bottoms - bad omen. After delaying for maybe 45 minutes to find steady breeze we got sent off for 4nm of steadily increasing breeze. We went from third to first at the 2nd weather mark when Paul Zupan on 100 went Crazy Ivan on us - he went head to wind to induce a foul (not clear it was legal), and by the time he got steerage the flood had taken him below the mark and he flushed from 1st to 3rd. It was a manageable 15-18 by then, no big thing to stay in front by doing nothing dumber than usual.

          The ride back to the SF Marina is where it was going on - by the time we got to TI it was easily 25kts, and kept building all the way up the City Front. Anita was reporting mid-to-high 20s with gusts to 35kts; we didn't get to the slip until 5pm. We were short tacking looking for relief and maybe early ebb (no luck) which was bouncy - beers were not adhering to my physician-mandated low-salt diet. Xarifa was built in 1947 - for a pensioner she handled it well. Didn't see any Knarrs following us proving once again how sensible that fleet is.

          Congrats to Paul Zupan for his three bullets on Saturday and taking the season opening regatta.



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            Full Write Up the the Front Page now...thanks all for the contributions!

            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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