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Fishing Boat Paloma Washes Up At Ocean Beach

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  • Fishing Boat Paloma Washes Up At Ocean Beach

    The 50' fishing boat, Paloma, registered to Timothy Lybrand ran into trouble overnight and called in a May Day transmission around 04:00 near the Cliff House at Ocean Beach.

    When rescue officials arrived this AM after additional calls were received by passersby,
    the boat was awash on shore and it's on deck cargo and life raft was were on the beach nearby. The cabin remained closed with no sign of the owner or any crew.

    all images © Sergei the Maginificent

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Are those beer cans littering the beach?

    Hope he made it ashore and just got a ride to warm up.


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      If you go to the photographers website and enlarge photos, you can see cans of Bud, tragically not yet opened.

      Coasties called off search after not finding captain after 6 hours of searching.


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        Always a good idea to stay with the boat. They always find the boat.


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          And the story get more interesting:

          A man who went missing Monday after his boat took on water off San Francisco's Ocean Beach is wanted in Santa Clara County on a $75,000 arrest warrant that was issued in 2012 after he failed to comply with his drug-related probation, records show.

          "We'll try to locate the operator and he will be issued a citation for abandoning the vessel," said Lt. Theo Vaughan, a Coast Guard spokesman. "He will also be responsible for the costs associated with the clean-up operation."

          Bet this dude is gone...
          Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.


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            I was thinking insurance scam


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              I smell something fishy!