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    In the shadow of AT&T Park, on San Francisco's "East Side" there exists the little club that could. The newest of Bay Area's yacht clubs, the South Beach Yacht Club was formed in 1988, two years after the City completed the South Beach Harbor and 2 years before Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants at their then new home SBC Park* in 2000.

    Sharing space in the same building with the South Beach Harbormasters Office and literally next door to AT&T Park, the club springs to life every other Friday night between late April and late August with their Friday Night Series. Being so close to the
    park presents it's share of advantages and challenges. Parking is very limited and the wise get to the Harbor no later than 4:30 PM for dates which share Friday night games with the SF Giants

    Space, being a premium, was thought through at the planning stages, and the entire East side of the building opens up to allow the club's square footage to grow substantially. Members and their guests can enjoy $ Million dollar views, the distinct aroma of garlic fries and sizzling dogs, and the roar of the crowd while sipping $3.00 beers before and after the races. The post race meals are very well prepared and extremely cheap. Tips, for the all volunteer bartenders go to the Youth Sailing Program.

    Many members are also Giants Fans, and assembling at the club before a game is a great alternative to the far more expensive option of a local eatery or watering hole. And if you just want a glimpse of the game post race, you can always meander over to the Port Walk and take in a few innings for free, right there at field level behind Hunter Pence.

    SBYC is also partners with BAADS, which provides sailing access to all, regardless of physical limitations. Seen here is one of the 2 SONAR's which compete in the Friday Night Series!

    The Friday night racing, right on the edge of San Francisco, is a particularly pleasant place to sail. Especially convenient for city dwellers or those who work downtown, providing quick access to start the weekend off properly and leave the troubles of the work week behind.

    With generally mellow breezes in the sub 20 knot category, (although it can pipe up when conditions are right) and normally flat waters with just a slice of wind waves , mixed with cross currents, the South Bay evenings are a pleasant affair.

    Utilizing the existing government marks on the Bay and the Yacht Clubs own recently added, semi-permanent mark just outside the harbor, the SBYC can offer up to 33 different course for the 6 divisions it hosts for the FNS, ranging from 3.3 to 8.6 nm!

    The locals learn how to play the currents and the counter currents to their advantage, as well a the wind shadows and funnels. And as the ever changing landscape of China Basin see more and more wind redirecting buildings grow, crews need to adjust and re adjust when nearing the windward marks.

    All courses end at the entrance to McCovey Cove, and on game nights, you a almost assured the Giants cameramen will train their camera's onto some of the boats and the broadcast announcers will make mention of the race as the boats finish and sail into the cove to drop sail. If timing is right, and you finish at just as the Giants make a great play or have a big hit, 40,000 sailing fans will rise from their seats and cheer your superior sailing prowess...

    Like any beer can race, getting a ride can be as simple as showing up at the dock with a 6 pack on hand and a smile on your face.

    To find out more about the SBYC and their programs, how to become a member or register for on of their many races, like the upcoming Jazz Cup, Click Here!

    For more on the South Beach Harbor, to make reservations for your boat or to get on the waiting listClick Here!

    For more images from this past Friday Night Series Race, Click Here!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Cool spotlight on SBYC!


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      Suspiciously well-written PB.... [ducks]


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        If you can get a slip at South Beach, the parking pass is worth it's weight in garlic fries!


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          The office clearly states when issuing parking permits that they are only valid when you're using your boat - not for Giants games. Unfortunately, there's no practical way to enforce this, short of implanted GPS trackers. So we legitimate permit users suffer overcrowding while the scofflaws benefit.


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            What about the resale market?


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              How about evicting anybody who doesn't swipe their gate key on a breakwater-mounted sensor on occasion? Some slips would open up quickly. This must be an endemic problem wherever marinas are located in busy urban centers.


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                But if said boat owner takes boat away for a few days, and leave car in lot, how would that work?


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                  Originally posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post
                  But if said boat owner takes boat away for a few days, and leave car in lot, how would that work?
                  I'm not saying the plan is foolproof--and I'm certainly not saying that people shouldn't be able to store their cars in the lot if they are out on a sailing adventure. I'm just proposing a hurdle to those who want to squat on a slip and a parking pass who don't have any real connection to the water. If the pass gets swiped every 90 days or so, you'd be good.


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                    Parking spaces are allotted to berth owners who have to maintain their payments and occupy same or it is terminated.



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                      I'm sure that most SB slip renters do legitimately use their boats, but some also take advantage of the parking for Giants games. That's what screws us over when we're trying to get our crews in for Friday night races.


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                        700 slips and 200 parking spaces? How could that be a problem?

                        San Francisco's ambition to provide .25 parking spaces for every resident is working just fine!


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                          Sometimes you need to remember that not all boats race or ever have intentions of doing so.

                          Many boat owners us their boats as extensions of their living and entertaining spaces, and I would assume
                          many of the boat owners that have slips at South Beach gather on the boat before games, dinning out or
                          just a weekend away from the homestead. I can't imagine how bad traffic would be to get anywhere near South Beach
                          on game days.


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                            Sure, I realize all that. I don't even have (much of) a problem with somebody parking in the lot, having a few beers or a BBQ on the boat, then walking over to the game. But when a boat owner uses this primo free parking just to go to the game, making space scarce for people who want to sail, that's a problem.

                            Traffic is actually not as bad as you'd imagine around games.


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                              What do boats which don't live at South Beach Harbor do for parking?