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  • Variable Wind Indeed

    Winds at the 2nd GGYC's December edition of the Manuel Fagundes were forecasted to be light and variable. The forecast could only have been more correct if it stated, " expect a 180 degree windshift shortly after 1st 4 divisions start"

    Which is pretty much spot on as to what transpired. The regatta started in partly cloudy conditions and a decreasing easterly, meaning the 1st boats sailed west to Fort Mason for their windward leg, with the withering ebb along the shore, the fleet hugged the shoreline tightly. Very tightly.

    Soon after the 1st divisions made their way up the shoreline, the wind lessened and all but died, before returning from the west. The lead boats sat helplessly near the Fort Mason mark as the later starters rejoiced in their good and set kites, and rode the breeze to their downhill windward mark.

    After rounding Fort Mason, the lead boats made quick work of the jog up to the temporary mark at Anita Rock, riding the escalator before finding temporary parking, then a patch of wind to fly the kite again.

    The RC had, as often the case, put the faster earlier starter on a longer course and the later, less nimble boats on a shorter courses, making for some interesting collections of boats at the roundings. The IACC boat for example was unable to get across the start line for quite some time after being swept towards the Golden Gate in the lighter airs prior to start and sizable ebb.

    The 1st boat to get any gun was Ray Lotto's Express 27' El Raton which was sailing with out Ray for the day. Closest mishap was created with a flock of Optis sailing with the STFYC's Winter Opti series which were set up just outside the harbor mouth, right where the bigger boats were going to seek relief. Fortunately with the lighter breezes, any and all bumper boat action was of the low impact variety and no major damage was done other than slight embarrassment.

    Full Results
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Two videos from yesterday's GGYC Midwinter are online


    0:22 Shadow finish

    0:52 Tomcat and Smart Recruiters


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      Cannot believe how warm it was for December.

      We need the snow, but sailing in shorts this time of year has it's merits!


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        A few pictures are online OneDrive.LINK

        The skinny and wide raced on the same course,

        J-111 gliding upwind,

        Catalina 34, Mottley, racing with Santa Claus hats for the crew, best dressed crew award ?

        A lighter wind spinnaker run