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  • Stolen Truck Alert

    One of our favorites, Hippie James had his livelihood stolen from underneath him last night from his residence
    in Point Richmond. Jame is a professional rigger and the truck and tools are his greatest possessions!

    Please share!

    My truck was stolen out of my driveway this morning with almost all my tools in the utility bed... If anyone sees my white 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4X4 LIC 4X43171 please call the Richmond Police Department!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Hang the bastards!


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      Bummer James!

      Hope you catch them before they chop shop it!


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        That purely sucks!


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          What's the status?


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            A Go Fund Me account has been established HERE!
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

   Photo Gallery


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              Thank you so much for starting this thread to spread the word about my stolen truck/tools and the Go Fund Me account my friend started for me! Please note that I'm not asking for $2000, that's just the approximate value of the tools and equipment that were in the truck! I really appreciate the contributions and kind messages people have sent, it's making a huge difference!

              My truck is still out there, somewhere. The most frustrating thing is 2 hours after reporting it stolen, I saw my truck being driven on north the Richmond Parkway while searching for it with my girlfriend. Unfortunately we ended up getting ahead of the truck at a stop light while following it and I wasn't able to get covertly back behind before the driver took a sudden exit on the Giant Hwy that we had just passed. I hit the brakes and reversed down an on ramp at 40 mph, but lost sight of the truck and didn't see which of many roads the truck went down after the exit. It makes me sick to my stomach how close I was to finding my truck and then losing it!!! At least I got a look at the driver's face and reported his description and last visual of the truck to the RPD.

              A few things that make this truck stand out in the sea of white utility bed work trucks around industrial Richmond (never realized how may are out there until I went searching for mine)...
              1994 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Diesel 5 speed: Most work trucks are newer, usually GM, then Ford, rarely Dodge. Seems to be 50/50 on average between gas and Diesel, but 99% are auto. It's difficult to visually tell the difference between a stick and auto while the truck is being driven unless you're on a hill or can see the shifter, but it does make my truck unique. Also, 4x4 work trucks are very rare in the Bay Area. The utility bed is made by CTEC, most are made by Harbor or other companies.

              The hood, bumper, and front fenders don't quite line up because the truck was crashed and (shoddily) put back together by a previous owner. This can be seen in the photo in the thread. There is some white paint overspray on the black/surface rust lumber rack above the cab. When I saw the truck on Friday the carpet taped to the lumber rack was still there. There is a cross shaped crack splitting the middle of the windshield. There are 2 very noticeable bumper stickers: "Biodiesel, Better Than A Hybrid" and "Stop the Tunnels, Save the SF Bay and Delta." Unless of course they've been removed.

              And now here are some very nitty gritty clues about the truck. It has an aftermarket steering box, steering box brace and trackbar/relocation bracket, all a newer black against the 20 year old dirt and rust on other steering/suspension components. The tires are 265/75/16 Cooper ATP's on dirty 16" alloy wheels. The interior is blue with saddle blanket seat covers.

              There is a good chance my truck is stashed in a warehouse waiting for the heat to die down, or to be sent somewhere else, or stripped for parts, but if anyone sees it on the road please call the police immediately! Try to get a description of the driver and location/direction of the truck. Then please call me at (925) 997-8185! I'm not sure if the truck is more valuable to the thief in pieces or whole, but I'd love to get it back in any serviceable condition. I finally got it running and driving smoothly and reliably (key words) recently before it was stolen.

              Thanks again,
              James Clappier


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                Almost forgot, CA Plate 4X43171!!! Unless that's been swapped too...


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                  Full of Criminal Mischief sails



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                    Be careful when pursuing thieves.

                    They quite often are desperate and pack heat.

                    Best to let the police handle the miscreants directly.

                    Good luck and stay safe!


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                      Utility trucks look like easy open atm's to crack heads.


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                          I was going to ask the same, but after reviewing my own policy, the deductible exceeds any benefits for content.


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                            I think stealing a guy's work truck and/or tools is the lowest of the low. I hope there's an especially hot place in hell for that kind of thief.


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                              Comprehensive insurance on the truck, nothing for the tools. I certainly wouldn't be accepting contributions if the loss of my tools was going to be covered by insurance!