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    Holly shit, can't believe you actually saw the truck on the road after so close by. You think they would at least lay low for a while. Bummer about the tools, etc.


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      Chances are they stole it for just the tools, if it is still in the area.

      Police have a lot on their plates these days, so I wouldn't expect much there, unless it
      is involved in a robbery. Lean on the insurance company if you can.

      Whatever you do, don't get in a direct altercation with thieves, unless wearing full body armor.


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        Is it me, or is "the hood" getting a little less user friendly?


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          Bumped into James at Svendsen's on Friday and asked him for the latest. He indicated his insurance company was lowballing
          him and offering a pittance of the trucks true value. (Insurance companies are like that)...I suggested he speak to the insurance commissioner
          and see if he could not get them to intervene...

          But the good news is he got the truck back!

          "the old beast came home last night!! Apparently my truck has been sitting in a neighborhood since at least Jan 5 (according to the parking ticket) and probably since being stolen on Dec 26. Numerous people in the area had called the police about the truck and gave the license plate, yet I was never contacted and the police didn't do anything. Finally a nice family realized the truck was unlocked and the bed boxes were hanging open so they googled my name on the registration and called me. The truck had only 10 more miles on it and started right up. Richmond Police are useless!!!!!"

          Another sailor had his truck stolen in SF. The police were contacted and insurance company notified.

          Weeks went by and nothing. Until the owner started getting parking tickets. LOTS of parking tickets.

          He went to the location where the tickets where written up from, and sure as shit, there was his truck.

          Amazing the police can write ticket after ticket, and then send tickets to owner and NEVER check the database on same...
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Don't confuse the police academy with academics.

            Just be glad when the shit hits the fan and they run interference.


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              That's the final scoop! Of course all the tools were gone, but the thief was kind enough to leave my epoxy/solvent kit, trailer hitch collection, bottle jack and spare fuel filter... They also took my receipt folder, probably hoping to return some of the tools for full cash value? So that's going to make tax season an even bigger pain in the ass!

              Now here is some more comedy: After getting to these really nice people's house around 10:30 pm (I was driving back from LA with Chad after picking up a donated boat when they called me) and verifying that the truck was in fact mine, I called the police so they could turn the truck over to me. They arrive around midnight, I sign the papers, and then the officer asks if I want to get the truck finger printed. I originally say no, but the family who called me (and had invited me into their home and gave me coffee while we waited) suggested that I do, since there were finger prints all over the utility bed, door, windows, etc. So I tell the officer sure, let's do the finger printing. He says no problem, the technician will be here shortly. At 2 am (after the family refuses to let me wait outside and keeps bringing me coffee and snacks in their living room), another police car arrives, an officer gets out, walks around my truck once, then says he has another call and has to go, but he'll come back. I tell him I'm driving the truck home and gave him my address. At 8 am the next day, I get a knock on the door and it's the RPD. They ask if it the white truck parked in my neighborhood is mine. I tell them it is and had just been recovered. I ask if they're here to do the finger printing. They say no, but someone has called and complained about where the truck was parked!!! Are you kidding me?!? Another neighborhood complained for 2 weeks about the truck and nothing, but 8 hours after getting my truck back the cops are on my doorstep about it. And the truck wasn't even parked illegally, it was just "kind of in the way" for someone. Never mind that the garbage truck got around it just fine. Oh, and since I'd driven the truck home, I'd 'contaminated' the vehicle and they wouldn't try to take any finger prints. So that's the full story. Richmond Police are absolutely useless at solving crimes, hopefully they're better at dealing with crimes they find in progress... So if you live in Richmond and your vehicle is stolen, just go vigilante and find it, or hope that someone else does. The most ridiculous thing is that the police don't even cross reference parking tickets against the stolen vehicle log. I bet meter maids find more stolen vehicles than any cop!

              Lastly, a massive thank you to all who donated to the GoFundMe to replace my stolen tools!!! And everyone who offered to loan me tools and even vehicles! I cannot describe how great it felt when the sailing community stepped in to help one of its members in a time of need! You made it possible for me to get back to work!


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                Basically it went down like this:


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                  That's what happens when you f&%# a stranger in the ass!


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                    Glad to hear you got it back. Sorry to hear the neighbors are such wankers.


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                      At least they are watching your truck now!


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                        James, Glad to hear you recovered your rig! Sorry for the loss of your tools and the law enforcement circus adding insult to injury...