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A New New Years Tradition

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  • A New New Years Tradition

    The Cal 20 Can o' Whoopass's owner, Richard vonEhrenkrook like to start the New Year right, with a sail.
    Regardless of conditions...

    The annual sail turn into a bit of a raft-up with other like minded sailors last year and this year, a group of like minded
    sailors gathered at Keiler Cove to ring in the new year with a bit of merry making, imbibment and story telling along with
    promises never meant to be kept...sure sound a lot better than working on taxes over a bowl of lukewarm menudo with
    some bowl game or parade blasting on the boob tube!

    Thanks to Paul Sutcheck fro the visuals!

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    Fantastic idea! Hangover be damned!


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      It was glorious out there on New Year's Day. I took the boys and some of their friends crabbing in Bonita Cove - we pulled in a few nice sized Dungeness and caught some sand-dabs. There was just enough wind to power up the boat, but not so much the it was a pain in the neck or too cold for the little ones.


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        Looked pretty glassy yesterday. How long did you soak you pot for?


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          Took my son and his friend on the boat to downtown Seattle to watch the fireworks again...
          A great time, but coooold!
          1987 Canadian Sailcraft 36 Merlin
          Edmonds, Washington
          Salish Sea


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            45 mins, 4 times. Fishing while we waited. All the keepers came from the West end of the cove near the point.


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              Hey, y'all. Actually, Despondent Correspondent, it was in Keil Cove, just west of Pt. Bluff, in the Straits of 'Coon. Attendees were the "Can", Jim Quanci and his Lovely's "Green Buffalo", Scott Cypher's "Ergo", with his equally lovely fiancee, Hana Bauguess, (who met at last years event in Clipper Cove!!!), Steve Buckingham's "Starbuck", ubercrewed by Jen McKenna and Fred Paxton, and the Wylie "Bear Wabbit". Entertainment was provided by Phil and crew on the E27 "Wetsu", performing a positively massive stubby on the mud (thank God) shelf; hull speed to zero in about 0.5 seconds. Apparently too embarrassed to join the raft, they headed off to Richmond.

              Mead was imbibed, wonderful food was partaken of, and all swore their fealty to rejoining on 1/1/16. Thanks to Paul for doing his usual over-the-top coverage.