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  • SAS Training for 2015

    Starting a thread to use for discussions about getting folks trained up this year. Hoping the various folks involved will use this to keep us posted about what's going on for SAS.

    Questions for anyone who knows:

    I've heard there might be a 4 hour/coastal SAS course on 3/1. Has this been confirmed, and/or is there a POC we can contact?

    There was only one 8 hour/offshore session scheduled, on 5/17, at Encinal I think, and apparently it's full. We really need to get another one of these before Spin Cup.

    Any info appreciated.

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    There's still openings for the 8 hour SAS session at the Encinal. You can sign up here:


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      Thanks Don, I got that info earlier today after I posted this. So now I have 3 crew signed up for the 5/17 8 hour session. That's a done deal and we're set for Spin Cup.

      But: we still need to get some folks trained up for the OYRA races in April and early May. Supposedly there will be a 4 hour session on March 1st, but so far that's a rumor. Hoping someone can provide more details about it.


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        In the works:

        4 hour Coastal SAS sponsored by SSS at Encinal YC on Sunday 3/1 at I think 08:30. I have heard that the venue, speakers and almost everything needed are confirmed, but no sign up links available yet. Capacity for 100+ attendees.

        4 hour Coastal SAS being planned at the Strictly Sail boat show which runs through the weekend of 4/11-12, details and sign up link soon hopefully.

        Sorry, I know about these but am not the one organizing them so I can only beg for information and pass it on when I get it.

        I have no idea about where the rumor of the 5/17 class being full started, and I admit to sharing it, but I heard from the guy who does the web site today that fewer than 20 of 150 spots are taken (as of this morning).


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          I'm signed up for the March one at San Francisco YC. Should be good.


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            I did not mention the SFYC 2-day classes because the two I knew about are already full.

            It looks like there is a third class scheduled over 3 days 3/13-15 (Fri-Sun).

            This class includes in-the-bay hands-on training for all students where the 8 hour class throws a few volunteers in a pool.

            The web site says a max of 8 participants so it should be up close and personal.


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              See here:

              Capacity is more like 50 or 60, not 100.

              Safety at Sea Seminar
              Sponsored by the
              Singlehanded Sailing Society

              Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda
              Sunday March 1, 2015 8:30 am – 12:30

              Satisfies NCORC, OYRA, SS, and Long Pac Safety at Sea Seminar Requirements
              Speakers: Jim Quanci refers to himself as “a repeat offender”, having raced to Hawaii too many times to keep count. Strangely, he loves the sail home too. He has served as Commodore of the Pacific Cup Yacht Club as well as the Singlehanded Sailing Society; Michael Moradzadeh is a seven-time Pac Cup veteran, board member, and PCYC Commodore 2010; Chuck Hawley is a nationally known speaker on marine safety, and Chair of the US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee.

              Sign-up via SSS website:


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                thanks fish, I just signed up some crew for the 3/1 class.

                This one is still not listed at the US SAILING SAS page, but oh well. between this one and the 5/17 8 hour class we're starting to look pretty good for 2015.



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                  A signup form is now available for the SAS seminar on March 1 at the Encinal YC. This is a 4 hour seminar and I believe completing the 4 hours seminar will fulfill the OYRA SAS requirement. Andy please correct me if I'm wrong about the 4 hour seminar and the OYRA SAS requirement. The sign up form can be found here:


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                    Please check other races you want to do since I think many require the 8 hour including the Windjammers I recall reading.


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                      The 4-hour Coastal SAS is what is required for the skipper (always) and 30% of the crew (including the skipper) and no fewer than two members of the crew unless sailing single or double handed for OYRA and SSS races in 2015. The full 8 hour SAS and 2-day SAS are fine too but exceed that requirement.

                      I think BAMA prefers to 'recommend' SAS rather than require it for Double Handed Farallones and I believe IYC required at least a 4-hour for Double Handed Lightship in 2014.

                      Spinnaker Cup definitely requires the 8-hour class but I'm not sure about Windjammers. I don't think they did in 2014 and I have a note out to somebody who is checking for us.

                      The four hour 'Coastal' class is a "safety at sea light" that we convinced US Sailing there was a need for. NorCal ORC tried to accommodate the "Gulf of the Farallones" and Santa Cruz and Monterey are on the outer edge of that. It pretty much assumes that the races are sailed 'mostly in daylight'. In my experience sailing to SC and MRY in various ~100 rated boats the goal was to finish before it was daylight again and I've never finished either the same calendar day we started.

                      YES! Solo is right, figure out what races you want to participate in and take the appropriate class. When in doubt bump it up a level to the 8 hour class. The certificate/training is good for 5 years.


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                        There is now a sign up link available for the 4-hour Coastal SAS at the Strictly Sail Boat Show on April 12th here:


                        Make sure you read all the disclosures and that you take the correct class (4hr vs 8hr).


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                          Revamped SAS pages at USSailing, explains different course types and also a "Find a Seminar Near You" page. Start here:



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                            also, summary of local SAS and safety stuff here: