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OYC Rites of Spring!

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  • OYC Rites of Spring!

    The Oakland Yacht Club's hosting of the Rights of Spring Regatta, Lite winds filling in late provided satisfaction
    to those who could stick it out and wait for breeze! Full report and shizzle later!

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    2015 Rites of Spring: A Short Narrative

    The Oakland Yacht Club's annual early season shorthanded started off with boats milling about
    the Bezerkeley Flats hoping the anticipated die off of easterlies would transition to some form of westerly,
    but after some delay, the RC sent the crew off on courses which were sailable, and the Flats were enjoying
    at least some semblance of northerlies. Greg Nelsen Azzura 1000, Outsider quickly engaged into a duel with the J-111
    Swiftness skippered by Reuben Rocci and marched off towards Southampton Shoal for the fast boats engaging
    on course 7, a 14.8 nm jaunt that would stretch out to Little Harding, Blossom an then the finish.

    Mr Nelsen, sporting the latest in life preserver fashion wear would guide Outsider through the impending
    glassed waters with 1.5 knots of adverse current to reach Southampton just before Swiftness in Division A.
    All looked well as they bore off to ride the tide and slide down to Point Blunt and hope on the westerly due in
    early afternoon.

    Mark Eastham sailing his Corsair F-31, Ma's Rover saw an opportunity in Raccoon Straits and led what would soon be a small following of boats
    hoping a NW wind would greet them at the other end. To quote Grampa Gustafson in the Grumpy Old Men films:
    "You can wish in one hand and crap in the other, see which one fills up first"

    Meanwhile, the boats with lesser waterline and sail area were sent on course 1, a 12.2 tour including Quarry Point, Harding Rock Sr. Blossom then finish.
    It didn't matter. They all sailed into the same mill pond as the others, where they met up with dozens of Spring One Design Regatta participants who where still
    hoping for a start. Things were looking grim and numerous boats opted for an early afternoons auxiliary powered ride back to the harbor from which they came...

    During some downtime, we ventured about to see what other items of interest might be had....

    Then, late in the afternoon, after several other regattas had given up for the day, a whisper of wind filled, and those
    who stuck it out were slowly rewarded. Having rode the smallish ebb to Harding and Harding JR, the kites eventually
    filled, and filled some more...Their prayers had been answered and a pleasant NW eased onto the bay, providing a steady
    power supply to the parched but faithful remaining on course....

    Those marks which had been SO elusive, were now within reach. SO tantalizing close...

    And the 1st of the fleet rounded and headed to the barn...but there were still obstacles to be encountered...

    stay tuned!

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      Results Posted

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        Twas neck and neck at Little Harding with Peregrine taking the outside at speeds rarely seen on SF Bay

        Trident sailed wide and high and was on their way to undeniable glory before being stopped by the Coasties
        when the got too close ( in the coasties view) of a departing cruise ship who had not even casted their lines off..

        Ma's Rover tangling with Spirit of Freedom at the mark, readying to hoist the whomper

        In the area were maidens in distress

        Caught Bobby and Chris on Mojo sailing faster the apparent wind...but would there be enuf time?

        David Ross-Suzanne Lee sailing the seldom seen Express 37 Traveler to glory in the Double Handed
        non spin 144 and less

        The bidness end of the steering of the boat they call Mojo

        The Farrier F-25C rates minus 3 and while sailing very well off wind, could not make up the
        time needed to correct out over Bill Gardener's Peregrine

        In the end, the 1st boat to the finish line, was Scott Oliver's Merit 25, Double Agent which finished at 16:43:37
        a 4:03:37 tour on course 7',(3:22:11 corrected) 1st in division and 2nd corrected behind Jeff and Pat Sullivan's Pearson Commander
        Nemisis, sailing the shorter course 1 and finishing at 17:03:23 and correcting out to 3:16:03

        Congrats to all who stuck it out and had an amazingly smooth, warm and pleasant run to the finish line!
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          ...yes...attempts were made to cover the StFYC Spring Keel on Saturday but alas, despite
          holding boats out for hours on end, racing was postponed until Sunday. We had our own double agent
          gunner Sergei ( formerly the magnificent, now just merely the express 27 homer) on the City Front Course
          where he shot some nice express 27's shots between naps:

          Results of the express 27's and other boats in attendance.

          Sorry =(
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            ROS Recalculation

            The previous results have been recalculated...Here are the new numbers with correct courses applied.

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