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2015 SSS Corinthian

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  • 2015 SSS Corinthian

    The 2nd big event of the SSS shorthanded season, the Corinthian race. 118 boats registered and forecast 5-15 from the West.
    We may even see Danimal somewhere elses than his SUP board!

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    Bobby the J post Point Stuart depth sounding during Saturdays SSS Corinthian Race.

    120 Boats sailing short handed..results are still pending...images being edited...

    dont wander off to far now....
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      Results are up!

      Photo Gallery select selects are up!

      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        SSS Corinthian 2015

        San Francisco has become the Western hub of shorthanded sailing over the past few decades, and the 120 paid registrants for Saturday's Single Handed Sailing Society's Corinthian Race can lay testament to that claim. The 2nd of 8 races sponsored by the SSS, and hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club, the Corinthian Race has become increasingly popular over the years since it's original debut as the "In The Bay Race" in the late 90's.

        "I believe the impetus for shorthanded sailing really began in the recession of the early 80's," say Max Crittenden, a long time SSS member and dedicated Short Handed Sailor. Back then, when originally proposed , the Inside The Bay format, the race was generally disregarded by the status quo.

        Only overshadowed by the 3 Bridge Fiasco, which draws some 350 boats these days, the SSS Corinthian has gathered the attention of many sailors as a great way to spend the weekend in a challenging manner without the major time investment required for the 3BF, and the odds of completing the course being much greater, and the weather, on average much warmer.

        The race itself starts and finishes of the Corinthian YC in Raccoon Straits , then, depending on Course 1 or Course 2, leaves Little Harding to port, bears off to Blossom Rock then works its way west to Blackaller Buoy before heading NE to the Southampton Shoal platform before heading to Little Harding and then the finish. A condensed version of the 3BF with a little more sanity and decorum.

        Saturdays race with its intended 11:05 1st gun was delayed somewhat, after the pin end mark somehow parted with the ground tackle and began to take its own bay tour until the RC could track it down and reset with new hardware. "It was a clean cut" was heard of the radio, with some inference to some sea turtle seen in the area, other speculated North Korean's were somehow behind the shenanigans but order was somewhat returned, just as a a gentle westerly presented itself providing the inertia required to get away from the sometimes fickle waters of the Strait.

        13 divisions encased in 6 starts began the process of seeking clean air just as the SFYC hosted High School Championships dinghies appeared, mostly in tow, and also headed to round Point Belvedere on their way to Richardson Bay, just to add some extra challenges for all!

        The Multis got the 1st gun and were the fortunate ones, along with the 2nd start in Delta, with a gentle 5-7 knots and pool table flat flood pushing them directly towards Blossom. As is often the case during these transitional periods between weather fronts, the wind on the central bay eased somewhat, just as the flood began to ease and the following fleets were left floundering for a period while awaiting the predicted breeze to fill in off the Pacific.

        With the ebb beginning to build along the City Front, The Multi's were able to make good time short taking and were further gifted with getting into the new breeze the soonest. With water still flat and the Blackaller Buoy breezes pumping now in the mid teens, kites were deployed and march to Point Blunt then Southampton ensued. Reports of good breeze all the way to Southampton were spoken, and then the decision on what route to take back to little Harding had to be made. For some it was easier than others. Chris Harvey and Bobby Hyde were in the lead on the F-25c Mojo when they made the decision to go for Raccoon Straits. Watching from a safe distance behind, Darren Doud & Jeromy Boyette sailing on the Corsair 31 Roshambo witnessed the leader sail into a major hole and had plenty of time to opt out, and head for Point Blunt. The decision paid, and Roshambo rambled on to an elapsed 03:20:07 1st to finish victory, yet settling for 2 in divisions as Rafi Yahalom & David Kuettel aboard Looking Good corrected out by 05:40 for 1st in division.

        The race for 1st overall monohull was decided as Adam Spiegel & Geoff McDonald cruised through the finish line on the J-105 Jam Session with 03:30:25 elapsed, correcting out to 04:06:18 and 1st overall in the entire regatta!

        Other notables:

        Truls Myklebust sailing the Coarsair F-26 Raven wins the SH Multihull

        Deb Fehr sails her Santana 22 Meliki to victory in SH Non Spin PHRF fleet 3

        Jeff and Pat Sullivan are on a bit of a tear, driving the Pearson Commander Nemisis to 1st in DH Non Spin fleet 4

        Scott Owens sails his classic quarter tonner Summertime Dream to win the SH Spin 162 and over

        Donn Guay & Dave Salinovich also have another successful weekend with their Newport 30 Zeehoound
        winning DH 162 and over

        Dan Benjamin sails his Wyliecat 30 Whirlwind to victory in SH PHRF 111-159

        Benjamin Meyer and Dave Weil win DH 111-159 on his Wyliecat 30 Uno

        Bob Johnston doest not let a little headsail sag and underwater obstruction muck up his day, taking SH Spin 108 and under on his J-92 Ragtime!

        The Olson 30 Warpath was faster than the Olson 29 in the SH Sportboat divison, as Andrew Zimmerman takes the ribbon aboard Warpath

        Greg Nelsen and Carl Crawford take the DH Sportboat divison, on Greg's Azzura 310 Outsider, edging out John Siegel and Erica Mattson on the Moore 24 Moorigami

        And last but not least, Father and son duo of Nick and Conner Gibbens take the DH express 27 division on Shenanigans

        Honorable mention goes to Ben and Jack Landon, who were in a kerfuffle at Little Harding with another boat, received a sizable crease on the bow of their Thompson 650 Flight Risk, yet were able to complete the course with stamina!

        Division Results

        Overall Results

        Selects Gallery

        PLEASE NOTE...more to follow 10 image limit in the forumski
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          Mojo sets and flies....

          Mojo is forced to sail over barge. Just like last week, only different...This time
          Bobbo lost his hat...If anyone sees it..

          Richard Luete's J-44, Acey Duecy sailed a good race, despite a fractured pole and the last day for at least one sail!

          Hawkfarmers have been around for some time and know how to get their Hawkfarms around the
          the buoys. Synthia Petroka sailed her Eyrie to 2nd in division and 8th overall in singlehanded monohull!

          Nicolas Popp and Jacques Benkoski have been sailing Dare Dare bunches, with crew and short handed.
          Nicolas had a bad encounter with the spin pole late in the day and lost two teeth during a take down,
          but reports the teeth are back in and he's good to go!

          Rock On, Tom Carvers's Olson 25

          The very nicely restore Hawkfarm Redhawk

          Slippin outta Raccoon Straits

          Dan Alvarez and crew made a hell of a comeback after being denied their intended path around Alcatraz
          and bobbing in irons for some time.

          Chris Case's Wilderness 30s FUGU dumps a puff
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery