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2015 Cabo Race

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  • 2015 Cabo Race

    Line Honor projections and local favorites, feature two modified 66' Gunboats, Lloyd Thornburg'sPhaedo and Pat Benz's Extreme H2o,
    H.L. Enloe's 60' Orma Tri, Mighty Merloe and Frank Slootman's RP 63' Invisible Hand which will face off in OOR1 vs Manouch Moshayedi's Rio 100', Tom Holthus's STP 65 Bad Pak and Peter & David Askew RP 74 Wizard.

    The forecast below, thanks to show's a moderate start and good pressue on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday befor boats wil sail out of it by Wednesday. " It won't be a barn burner" Say's Norm Davant, sailing with a talent loaded crew of 14 on Invisible Hand But it should be a great strategic ride down the coast and the competition is keen"






    Division Breaks

    Crew lists are loaded with Nor Cal talent, here is a sampling:

    Bad Pak: Brent Rhune, Campbell Rivers, Hogan Beatie, Skip McCormack

    Extreme H2o: Trevor Baylis

    Grand Illusion: Will Paxton

    Holua: James Crum, Morgan Larson

    Invisible Hand:* Benjamin Allen, Bill Colombo, Dominic Marchal, Frank Slootman, Justin Ferris,
    Mike Boyd, Norman Davant, Patrick Whitmarsh, Paul Allen, Ruben Gabriel, Rufus Sjoberg, Tim Lidgard, Willie Lynch

    Lucky Duck:* Dave Macewen, James Clappier,Pete Mccormick, Anthony Basso, Brendan Bradley, John Robinson Jeffers, Karl Grunewald, Randy Smith

    Mighty Merloe: Matt Noble

    Pyewacket: Scott Easom, Stan Honey

    Rio 100: Joseph Penrod, Morgan Gutenkunst

    There are bound to be others we missed on the Crew list If you spot some please post!

    PHRF boats start today and 1400 hrs on Saturday for the ORR Fleets!

    *Local Boat Entire crew listed *
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    Wayne Zittel and Hula Girl is or was. I think he moved the operation to San Diego though.


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      Saturday 1800 Update

      A quick update from the Cabo Race. The Friday Starters have crossed the border but are sailing
      in some very light air. Today's starters are bringing some wind with them. The RP 74 Wizard is leading
      the fleet, making a nice 11.9 knots followed by Bad Pak & Rio 100, and rio is accelerating and currently at 12.6 knots.

      It appear that Mighty Merloe has retired.

      More when time allows!


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        A quick 2100 update from Morgan Larson on Holua:

        " It has been an afternoon of drag racing down the coast on starboard tack.
        Wind from 7-10 knots and no down to 2 knots. The 70's are all within 1 mile of each other.
        13 knots off PT.Loma.Pye leading pac and holua leading on corrected. Chili for dinner. Boat starting to feel effects.

        Wizard is the stand out performer, out front and doing a horizon job!

        Been on the #1 Jib with the staysail for most of the time. Dolphins amd whales in abundance with more birthday balloons
        floating along the surface than there needs to be, hitting the bunk... back on at midnight in Mexican waters!

        Wind building from 1-5 as I type. "We are outta here" shouts Jay Crum from the wheel! " It's gonna be a long night of street fighting!
        These old 70's like this stuff!"
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          Sunday AM Update

          PHRF Overnight Update

          It’s been about 43 hours since the PHRF started. The PHRF boats are still ahead of the ORR’s and Multihulls at about 220 miles from the start, but it looks like the first of the ORR’s, Rio 100, is going to over take them anytime now.

          It was slow going for most of the day on Saturday for the PHRF fleet, struggling to maintain speed in the light winds off San Diego and the Mexican border, with Between the Sheets still holding the far outside position. By about 1400, the wind started to build and by afternoon most of the fleet was moving at 7 knots or better. By midnight, the wind continued to build as most were moving at 8 knots or more. The fleet started navigating further outside, decreasing the leverage enjoyed by Between The Sheets. At about midnight, Between the Sheets gybed heading back toward the coast while the rest of the fleet continued on starboard gybe heading out. By 6am, most the fleet gybed back to port heading in with everyone enjoying good winds and moving from 8-9 knots. While Between the Sheets still enjoys the lead, Miramar has taken the outside position and is a very close 3rd place, while Second Wind is well inside them both, moving very fast and in 2nd place.

          The forecast for the area of the PHRF fleet this morning is NNW 11 to 15 knots building to NW 15 to 20 knots in the afternoon. This race is going to accelerate!

          ORR Overnight Update

          Three ORR classes started on Saturday between 1300 and 1400 hours, which included the Santa Cruz 50/52’s and the “70’s” sub-classes. About until about 10pm, the entire fleet stayed close together, inside the rhumb line, making the most out of the light winds, keep maneuvers to a minimum. By the time they reached San Diego, each of the ORR classes were grouped pretty close together. In the evening, as the wind increased, the boats started heading further off shore, still grouped fairly close together, and by midnight, the ORR1 class is well offshore traveling consistently above 11 knots with the rest of the boats following their lead.

          At about 0500 on Sunday morning, and about 80 miles offshore, the first boats gybed heading inshore and by 0700 all the boats had gybed moving fast in the good morning wind. The ORR’s will be passing up the PHRF fleet within hours and will be sailing into building winds all day Sunday. Track all the action online

          Current position reports and standings are available on the website Results Page.

          Multihull Overnight Update

          Two of the three multihulls started on Saturday afternoon after the ORR boats in light winds. While Phaedo won the start, ExtremeH20 quickly passed to leeward and started building a lead, crossing and establishing about a 4 mile lead as they raced south. Near midnight, following the lead of the other fleets, they both headed outside in the building breeze with ExtremeH20 building their lead to about 8 miles. Early Sunday morning, ExtremeH20 gybed and headed back in moving at about 8 knots. Both boats are now mingling with the ORR2 and ORR3 as they start sailing into building winds today and this afternoon.

          Today at 1300, the last of the multihulls, the Mighty Merloe starts and will race quickly to catch up with her competitors.

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            Morgan checks in:

            Rolling south. 35 miles due west of Punta San Carlos (some great times kite surfing that point). No fish tacos but a real meal on the stove and some good men to be "yachting" with. Bill Lee was a magician and Holua is one of his best works. 22 knots wind at 150 TWA... Cedros is 100 miles to the SE. We played a few shifts and are now on the outside of the pack hoping to slide down in front over the night. Until then its surfing south on the mighty Holua.

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              Monday Morning Update


              Multihull Monday Morning Update

              Early Sunday morning, with both Gunboats about 70 miles offshore, they both gybed toward the coast. ExtremeH20 came within just a few miles of the coast before gybing again south. Phaedo, gybing earlier and being more offshore now having more wind and making up even more of the distance between the two boats. Meanwhile, Mighty Merloe was heading due south with lighter winds only going about 13 knots compared to the 16-18 knots for the gunboats. By Sunday evening, the Mighty Merloe was within 110 miles of the Gunboats, which are going about 14 knots compared to the ti-hull’s 21 knots. Mighty Merloe averaged 19.9 knots for the last 24 hours. A drag race.

              Daybreak on Monday as they pass Isla Cedros the pack as almost consolidated enjoying good wind. It won’t be long before the Mighty Merloe overtakes the entire fleet.


              The ORR fleet continues to spread out as the faster ORR 1’s enjoy speeds of 17+ knots and the ORR 3’s are speeding along at 9-12 knots. There were several lead changes throughout the night in every fleet. Amazing that boats can be this close after sailing so many miles.

              Sunday morning had the bigger ORR 1’s further out and getting into the low double-digits with Rio in the lead followed by Wizard, Invisible Hand and Bad Pak. The 70’s in the ORR 2 have been keep close together while the ORR 3’s are spread out all over the course led by Lucky Duck (uncorrected) and the lead in the 50’s. Timeshaver has taken the lead in the ORR 3 class. It’s been a drag race all day Sunday with few changes in position, and even into the night the 70’s are bundled together likely in sight of each other as they pass close by Isla Cedros. It’s going to be a close race both across the line and corrected.

              Sunday morning started with all six PHRF boats going over 7 knots, with Between the Sheets, Second Wind and Miramar leading the pack (uncorrected). By nightfall, the leaders enjoyed enjoyed stronger winds and 8 – 9 knots of progress as they consolidated closer to the rhumb line. The wind held up throughout the night as Second Wind, sailing closer to shore, seemed to get more out of the wind and gain a little distance from the others. The wind seems to be holding up through sunrise as the boats pass Isla Cedros and turn more South East toward Cabo.

              Wind forecast as of noon today!






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                The Lucky Ducks

                Cabo Race 2015 - first night
                With the weather files predicting fairly good wind overnight, there was some disappointment to find lighter winds with direction varying randomly by 30 degrees over 10 minutes. Trimmers and drivers all were kept "busy" and the navigation side of the equation remained a bit of a puzzle. Morning report revealed good progress after a hearty meal of warm oatmeal and raisins (thanks!). Sailing now with spinnaker with a bit more breeze. A missing LeatherMan (tm) was found in a bunk with crew -- activities not disclosed by either party.

                All in good spirits and pressing hard,

                At 2/24/2015 4:46 PM (utc) our position was 37°50.23'N 122°34.13'W

                Start of NHYC to Cabo Race 2015

                At 1:20 PM the starting horn found us a few feet from the line with good speed, and a boat length or two ahead of the rest of the pack. This was nicely engineered by Dave, Peter, Brendan and Randy, while the rest of the crew (James, Tony, Robin and Karl) near the front of the boat, kept their worries about being over the line at the start of a long race, to themselves.
                There were undoubtedly loud cheers from the Luck Duck contingent on the nearby pier!!! (and cow bells?)

                The rest of the afternoon, into the evening, was spent intensely sailing upwind in gentle seas and a 5 to 10 knot breeze. The number one genoa was eventually changed to the Code Zero as the wind eased slightly to the west. All attention was focused on sailing fast, due to the nearby competitors. The sunset, moon set of a slim waxing crescent and set of brilliant Venus went largely unnoticed. It was a very pleasant sail to start the 800 miles to Cabo, especially as we held pace well with the rest.

                More to follow,

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                  "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a boat race on our hands! ORR 1 fleet is all pushing hard to the finish line. Currently, Rio 100 is positioned to take line honors, while the other boats in her class battle the clock. Can the ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe, chase Rio down? Will the outside pay off for Invisible Hand and Bad Pak?The boats are projected to reach Cabo in the early morning hours tomorrow.

                  Avanti and Sauvage (PHRF) have both retired citing equipment failures. All crew reported ok."

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                    New Record For Mighty Merloe

                    And the record holds! The 2005 monohull course record, set by Doug Baker's Magnitude 80, still stands at 2D:13h:25m:58s. Manouch Moshayedi's Rio 100 finished this year's race in 2D:14h:03m:56s and took line honors. Image courtesy Rio Racing

                    H.L. Enloe's Mighty Merloe, sets a Multihull course record, finishing the race in 1D:16h:14m:14s.

                    Image © Bronny Daniels (

                    Wizard and Invisible Hand have also finished!
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                      Morning Margarita's are the best!

                      I wonder if any of the guys on Mighty Merloe got any shut eye on the way down?


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                        Coming in fast and furious now! Extreme H2o just crossed the finish line and Phaedo was 42 nm behind
                        doing 12.9 knots...OEX is taking the outside while Pyewacket holds a narrow lead over Holua, Maverick and Grand Illusion
                        as the all head towards the beach seeking some offshore winds to push to Cabo Wabo....


               Forecast for Cabo Winds!
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                          2015 Newport to Cabo Final Standings

                          There are 3 boats still on the course, Westward, Briar Rose and J-Worlds Hula Girl, however
                          thier finish times won't have too much of a dramatic effect on the final results, so without
                          further adieu, here you go!

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                            The 2015 Cabo Race replayed in 3 minutes!
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