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Wheeler & Big Dinghy Regattas

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  • Wheeler & Big Dinghy Regattas

    A few frames from the BYC's Wheeler Regatta and the RYC's Big Dinghy.

    Reports to follow...

    Wheeler Results

    Big Dinghy Results

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    The Readers Digest Unabashed Short Attention Span Edition: Saw the Wheeler Deep Water fleet headed to Harding for Race 1,
    but had to catch the finishers of the DHLS 1st. Then attempted to catch the back end of the fleet, while battling the last bit o ebb...
    Kinda like a dog chasing its tail...

    Ventured over to City of Bezerekely course for enough time to catch the J-24's rounding in
    8 -10 knots...was hoping to see breeze build, however the increasing flood kinda took the wind
    out of my sails, so to speak..

    The deep water fleets are divided between TI to Cone or Blunt to river. Hard to say which
    was the better choice, they seemed to merge quite close when regrouping at Alcatraz

    The 1D48' Bodacious 3 sets early and barely clears the outcropping on the south end.
    Following boats decide to wait on their sets, consequently...

    David Halliwill's J-120 Peregrine (below) would end up Saturday tied for 1st with Bill Helvistine's SC 50' Deception (above)

    Mudshark rounds the point

    Ethan Petersen's Furrari with Bob Waldon's Cal 39, Sea Star in pursuit

    Colin Moore and crew had a great weekend on the Wylie Wabbit Kwazy winning both races
    in the 5 boat Wabbit division AND overall on Saturday and then went on to win overall in the Pursuit Race

    Gerry Brown and crew on the Farr 38 Mintanka had 2 aces up his sleeve to take Division C


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    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery