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  • 2015 Transpac

    Entries are completed: Clicky and if there is an overwhelming
    theme to the 2015 edition of the Trans Pacific Yacht Race, it would be "Records Will Fall"

    With 3 100's (2 canters and one stationary keel) and the 105' Lending Club on the line, the existing records should crumble, barring major catastrophes or extremely bad wind.

    Back in a bit with a look at some of the local boats and local sailors sailing in this edition!

    Saturday July 18th Starts

    Thursday July 16th Start

    Monday July 13th Start
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    1st start just a week away!


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      I think the late starters in the Transatlantic Race are wishing they were sailing to Hawaii instead!


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        Staggered starts suck. They're for the organizers, not the racers.

        Long live the SH TransPac - one start, parties for two weeks under The Tree.


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          Hard to hold/feed/house crews from 60 yachts that may have 18 -20 members for 2 weeks.

          My 2 cents.


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            Most don't stay in HI for more than a few hours after they hit the dock, but the results are skewed forever.


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              The days of the Pan Am Clipper Cup are sadly missed.


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                For those who weren't around yet, Clipper Cup > Kenwood Cup. (You really are the IOR Geezer.)


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                  What happened with the Sauza Cup at Lahaina YC?


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                    I don't know but the entry fee was $5 or a label from a Sauza tequila bottle - hard to beat that.

                    Now the LYC markets its sports bar. Times have changed.


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                      I suppose the introduction to professional sailors has prohibited the affordability for owners to engage in such prolonged activities.

                      The island racing was epic, such a shame folks spend all that time getting to the islands but can't linger and savor.


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                        Nor Cal Has Talent!

                        Every two years, the bi-annual march from Point Fermin to Diamond Head takes place and with it, a large contingent of Norcal sailors and boats join the parade.
                        2015 is no different and we present a partial list of Norcal talent scattered about the fleet to provide PD readers with a bit of insight of who's on what.

                        We have highlighted those we recognize in bold. If you see omissions please note and we shall add to list!

                        Division 0
                        Lending Club 105' Maxi Tri
                        Quin Bisset, Ryan Breymaier*, Stan Delbarre, Boris Herrmann, Roland Jourdain, Renaud Laplanche, Jean Baptiste Le Vaillant, Jan Majer, Skip McCormack

                        Phaedo Gunboat 66
                        Samuel Bason, DavidDenton, Paul Hand, David McCollough, Chris Robson, Miles Seddon, BrianThompson, Lloyd Thornburg,

                        Extreme H2o Gunboat 66
                        Tom Addis, Trevor Baylis, Pat Benz, Steve Calder, Eric Chowanski, Hannah Jenner, Kevin Miller, Matt Noble, Malcolm Park, Jac Vincent,

                        Chim Chim (Gunboat 62)
                        Chris Bailet, Jim Barber, Nils Erickson, Hilton Eymard, III, John Gallagher, Patrick Murray, Jason Owens, Eric Stahl, Javier Ureta

                        Div 1
                        Ragamuffin 100 ' Super Maxi
                        Matt Allen, Tom Clout, Andrew Crowe, Vanessa Dudley, Syd Fischer, John Fisher, Mark Fullerton, Gregory Homann, Matt Humphries, Kenta Inaba, Campbell Knox , Jack Macartney, Craig Malouf, FUKUMOTO MEITATSU,EINOSUKE MORITA, Matt Pearce, Tomo Terakawa, David Witt, Liam Woulfe, KOSAKU YOSHIDA,

                        Wild Oats R/P 100' Super Maxi
                        Stu Bannatyne, Rodney Daniel, Roy P. Disney, Scott Easom, Nathan Ellis, Robbie Haines, Stan Honey, Seve Jarvin, Chris Links, Paul Magee, Ben Mitchell, Mark Richards, Darren Senogles, Gary Weisman, Josh Whittaker, Tim Wiseman,

                        Rio 100' Blawell-White 100'
                        Ben Bardwell, Gavin Brady, Chris Branning, Alastair Campbell, Brad Farrand, Morgan Gutenkunst, Mike Howard, William Jenkins, Kieth Kilpatrick, Peter Kinney, Jeff Messano , Manouch Moshayedi, Sebastian Moshayedi, Mike Mottl, Joe Penrod, Mike Pentecost, Mike Van Dyke, Peter Van Niekerk, Tyler Wolk,

                        Division 2

                        Wizard R/P74
                        David Askew, Peter Askew, Arnis Baltins, Matt Beck, Jordi Calafat, Dave Culver, Ted Haaland, Sam Loughborough, Matt Mialik, Dee Smith, Grant Spanhake, Ralf Steitz, Phil Trinter John von Schwarz

                        Bad Pak STP 65
                        Hogan Beatie, Ryan Castro, Damian Craig, Tom Deere, Jon Gardner, Emmet Holden, Tom Holthus, Charlie Jenkins, Artie Means, Bruce Nelson, Campbell Rivers, Brent Ruhne, Patrick Whitmarsh,

                        Zephyrus RP 78
                        W. Greg Clark, Andrew Cleveland, Dan Crowley, Damon Guizot, John Jourdane, Roger Kurath, David Leverett, Stuart Palmer, Errol Perling, Tyler Prentice, Tom Priest, Dan Rossen, Dan Schiff, James Smail, Robin Sodaro,

                        Peligroso Kernan 68
                        Andres Akle Carranza, Alejandro Berho, Diego Berho, Lorenzo Berho, Alex Camet, Chris Doolittle, James Egan, Clark Hardy, sebastian mitre, JORGE XAVIER MURRIETA, Federico Ortiz, Steven Rossi,

                        Patches TP 52
                        Andres Alvarado, Patricio BaƱa, Danel Belausteguigoitia, Yon Belausteguigoitia,Eduardo Cano, Jan Hossfeld, Javier Mollo, Juan Gabriel Moreno, Daniel Porter, Eduardo Porter, Marc Rosenfeld,

                        Destroyer TP 52
                        Ricardo Aguilar Alvarez , Erik Brockmann, Jeronimo Cervantes, Bruce Cooper, Eusebio Gomez, Guillermo Mejia, David Millet, Parker Mitchell, JIMENA SAENZ, Eduardo Saenz H, EDUARDO SAENZ JR,

                        Bolt TP 52
                        jeffrey baker, Greg Helias, Christopher Lewis, Zack Maxam, mark peters, Carson Reynolds, Craig Reynolds, Alex Steele, Tedd White,

                        Divison 3

                        OEX SC70
                        Jon Andron, Shawn Bennett, Erik Berzins, Pete Hambrick, Dave Hood, Jib Kelly, Jim MacLeod, John Sangmeister, Randy Smith, Jeff Thorpe, Greg Weeger,

                        Pyewacket Andrews 70
                        Matt Brown, Peter Burton, Chris Busch, Mark Callahan, Kyle Clark, Andy La Dow, Kelly McKeown, Robert Morton, Chuck Nichols, John Reiter,

                        Holua SC 70
                        Paul Allen, Adrienne Cahalan, Jay Crum, Brack Duker, Bill Erkelens, John Fuller, Peter Holmberg, Doug McLean, Jonathan Mark Sims,

                        Maverick SC 70
                        Andy Dippel, Bryce Doon, Curt Johnson, Jorge Morales, Michelle Shanks, Dave Sheesley, Chris Slagerman, John Staff, Brendan Watson,

                        Buona Sera SC70
                        John Buchanan, Mackenzie Cook, Tim Cordrey, Chris Deaver, Mike Evans, Bret Gripenstraw, Jack Halterman, Dave Hopkins, Edward Marez, Gerry Swinton,

                        Grand Illusion SC 70
                        Michael Blunt, James McDowell, Patrick O'Brien, Will Paxton, William Petersen, Richard C Reilly, Steve Treoger, Chris Watts, Dylan Watts,

                        Division 4
                        Crusader 35 Elliott 35 SS
                        Nick Bastow, Brett Elliott, James Glidden, Anthony Leighs, Chris Maddock, Josh Tucker,

                        Bretwalda 3 Rogers 46
                        Wallace Cross,Michael b. Hoey, Charlie Hohmeier, Paul Kerber, Sergei Lie, Robert Pethick, Gary Warner,

                        Varuna Rogers 46
                        Roland Fournier, Bob Fulmer, Chris Hemans, Dan Milefchik, Mark Reardon, Eric Schlageter, Brad Wheeler,

                        Hamachi J 125
                        Erik Bentzen, Matthew Gregory, Fritz Johnston, Fritz Lanzinger, Jonathan McKee, Greg Slyngstad,

                        Resolute J125
                        Tim Fuller, Erik Shampain

                        Timeshaver J 125
                        Blake Hamilton, Pete Heck, Keith Magnussen, Cody Schlub, Viggo Torbensen, Charlie Underwood,

                        Divsion 5

                        Bodacious IV SC 52
                        John Ayres, Tim Eades, John Hoskins, Tom Hoskins, Jim McLaren, Chris Pike, Phil Pollard, Jeff Urbina, Alan Veenstra,

                        Relentless SC52
                        Jack Bazz, Dustin Durant, Will Durant, Chadwick Hough, Mike Lowe, Robert Moosmann, Jeff Shew, Benjamin McNeil Wheatley, Richard Whiteley,

                        Hula Girl SC 50
                        Steve Bonnyman, Bjug Borgundvaag, Patrick Farrell, Sean Henderson, Christopher Jordan, David Mewdell, Bruce Pierce, Brian Rutter, Wayne Zittel,

                        Lucky Duck SC52
                        Tony Basso, Brendan Bradley, James Clappier, Karl Grunewald, John Hansen, Robin Jeffers, Dave MacEwen, Pete McCormick, Randy Smith,

                        Allure SC 50
                        Kyle Burch, Mike Burch, Kenny Dair, Doug Grant, Eric Gray, Bruce Hedrick, Gregg Hedrick, Grant Wooden,

                        Horizon SC 50
                        Len Bose, Daniel Geissmann, Gregory Kent, Tom O'KEEFE, Robert Plant, Jon Shampain, John Shulze, Mel Wills III,

                        Adrenaline SC 50
                        Andy Bates, John Clark, Gregory Mitchell, Del Olsen, Joseph Shacat, Kirk Twardowski, Jenn Virskus, Gail Yando,

                        Paranoia SC 52
                        Scott Atwood, Gabe Ferramola, Sam Heck, Christi Kolisnyk von Heydenreich, John Latiolait, Scott Poe, Linus Ralls, David Stotler, Rick von Heydenreich, Bob Zellmer

                        Hokahey SC 52
                        George Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey, Connor Field, Jefferson Franklin, Scott Klodowski,
                        J.T. Schoonover, Sargent Schutt, Gus Van Dender,

                        Division 6

                        CaZan DK46
                        Jake Arcand, Scott Bradley, Michael Fisher, Phillip Katzman, Andrew Meade, Patrick Murphy, Pablo Strona, Jackson Warner,

                        Second Wind Swan 651
                        John Chamberlain, Jay Davis, Cole Fargo, Dean Fargo, Dave Gould, Steve Harvey, Alex Jacobs, James Kirkpatrick, Roderick Salazar, Zac Schramm, Charles Skewes, Jim Smith, Erica Swensson

                        Pipe Dream Davidson 50
                        Rick Alvarez, Mike Corzine, John Davis, Jack Johnson, Fraser McClellan, Matthew Rustigian, Todd Wheatley, Warren Wolfe,

                        Crescent III S-40
                        Akimitsu Hirai, Satoru Itoga, Masaki Kobayashi, Fumihiro Machiyama, Muneo Matsutani, Akira Ohtsubo, Yusuke Taguchi ,

                        Division 7

                        Celerity SC 37
                        Michael Downing, Tom Jenkins, Eric Kownacki, Robert Martin, Thomas Ripard, Harry Zanville,

                        Alpha Puppy 1D35
                        Vivienne Fagrell, Alex Farell, Randall Landaiche, Justin Spillman

                        Picante J 133
                        Eric Caris, Doug Jorgensen, Jack Jorgensen, Rob Jorgensen, Tom Jorgensen, Jeff Westbrook, Martin Wilson,

                        Precepts II First 40 DK-T
                        Drew Belk, Joshua Butler, Gilles Combrisson, Roger Floyd, Lynsi Gibbons, Andrew LaPlant, Jonathan Moyers,

                        Patriot J 442
                        Richard Loufek, Scott Mason, Geoff Moore, Douglas Rastello, Paul Stemler, Pierce Stemler, Bruce Stuart, Philip Thompson,

                        Fortissimo II Feet 30
                        Yasuto FUDA, Shouzou HARA, Hariki SASAKI, Mitsuaki TABATA,

                        Julian J 120
                        Takumi Amano, Shunichiro Hiraoka, Akihisa Iwami, Yasuhide Kobayashi, Kiyotoshi Tanaka, Ryotaro Tokano,

                        Kokopelli SC 40
                        Gordon Duncan, Bruce Pon, Pat Reynolds, James Rooney, Kevin Rooney, Scott Smith, Michael Weaver, Paul Zingaro,

                        Bazinga Hobie 33
                        Randy Alcorn, Steve Campo, Christina Cruz, Mike Hopper,

                        Creative J 105
                        William Beck, Cameron Hurley, Ed Sanford, Andrew Sapien,

                        Division 8

                        Transformer Beneteau 523
                        Larry Adams, Bob Davis, Dan Howard, Samantha Howard, Betsy Linn, Kenneth Linn, Greg Shrodes, Joe Sorosky, Joel Young,

                        Avanti Jeanneau 54
                        Gary Brockman, Jason Dunster, Gregory Heckmann, Jim LaBarge, Jamie Myer, William Niester, Andrew Powell Bow, John Rushing, William Suto, Scott Tenkel,

                        Marjorie Brooklyn 59
                        Gardner Baldwin, Norie Baldwin, Alexia Fischer, Eric Fracker, Paul Francis, Bill Guilfoyle,Tracy Obert, Tina Stevahn, Rick Valdes,

                        Martha* Schooner
                        Anne Aldrich, John Callahan, Mary d'Arcy, Robert d'Arcy, Deb Dominici, Christopher Hanke, Craig Johnsen, Douglas Jones, Sara Katz, Holly Kays, Pat Vinyard

                        Andiamo J 46

                        Between The Sheets Jeanneau 52
                        Dan Aeling, Gary Davidson, Ryan Davidson, Kerry Deaver, James McJones, Grace Vandervort, Rob Vandervort

                        Vivacia Jeanneau 49 SO
                        Liesl Capper, Mark Harrison, Lance Schulte, Robert Yearsley

                        Exit Strategy Jeanneau 45.2 SO
                        Josh Fredricks,Timothy Fredricks, Steven Ginder, Simon Jackson, Bub Morgan, Kevin Ryan, Terry Young

                        Westward Lapwoth 50
                        Alli Bell, Graham Bell, Sam Bell, Willie Bell, Mara Bell Hoshina, Zack Payton

                        Sweet Okole Farr 36
                        John Ebken, Chris Gedrose, Paul Kamen, Wan Lim, Dean Treadway

                        Sleeper Jeanneau 44 SM
                        J A Booker, Merry Cheers, Zack Hanna, Steven Horst, Sheri Hunt, Derek Murphy, Ron Simonson, Beth Winton

                        Wind Dancer Catalina 42
                        Vance Edwards, Paul Edwards, Walter Flores III, Wyant Lauterman, Tom Lynch, Donald Olson

                        * Honorary local status for time spent in Bay Area!
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                        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

               Photo Gallery


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                          That's a lot of work pb.

                          Nice job!


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                            Nice piece by Chris Lewis on squall riding!


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                              Interesting read!