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    One of the highlights from the 2015 Summer Sailstice event on San Francisco Bay was certainly the Wooden Boat Building Contest held at the
    Encinal Yacht Club on the Oakland / Alameda Estuary. The grand organizer for this event is Ariane Paul, who reports and provides images and video for your entertainment!

    This was the eighth year that we have had the boat building contest at the SF Bay Area Summer Sailstice event. We had a great competition this year at the Encinal Yacht Club with four very good teams.

    Two of the teams had been in previous competitions joined by two new teams. Team Crazy Cat Men took the honors with a slight point lead over Team Buck-An-Ears. Both the catamaran and the pirate ship were two of the most impressive vessels ever built at this annual Sailstice contest and really elevated the level of the playing field for future competitions.

    The other two groups, Team Captain Rons and Team Bay View Boat Club, also made valiant efforts and had a great time. The Captain Rons’ vessel capsized and sank before the in-the-water race ever began, but the team vowed to be back again next year and gave each other high fives all around as they emerged out of the harbor dripping wet.

    The contest is won by total points earned in a variety of categories, not just the race. Gosling’s Rum was awarded to all teams, with a very fine aged rum and the first place plaque going to the Crazy Cat Men who plan to get together soon with the other teams and enjoy their rum. The contest is sponsored annually by Berkeley Marine Center with sealant caulk donated by Port Supply.

    If you are interested in next year’s contest which will be on Saturday, June 18th at Encinal Yacht Club, please email me and I will add you to the email notification list:

    ************************************************** ******************

    From Marriane Armand of the Captain Rons:

    The Cat (1st place), the Pirate Ship (2nd) The Captain Rons (3rd) & the Bay View Boat Club. The contest is scored on many different levels. Beauty of design, Corinthian Spirit, Completion on Time, the race and one more category that I can't recall. From the onset it became quite clear who had done this before and who hadn't. The Bay View guys boat was the first to clearly present itself as a boat but they were short one person and they also admitted that the design that they chose was a bit too ambitious for the day. In the end, their boat still floated and was the winner of the on the water race. Had they not finished after the deadline, they probably would have edged out the Captain Rons.

    The pirate ship folks came ready to play. They made quick work of their simple square shaped boat and spent ample time on accoutrements and exterior design. The Catamaran folks spent a bit of time faring the connections to their two hulls and before you knew it, they had an absolutely stunning fully functioning catamaran. The Captain Rons in comparison learned quite a bit from the mistakes that we made. We had a late in the game full failure to our hull that no amount of caulk and sawdust was going to remedy. In hind sight, we should have forgone the hole in the hull for the daggerboard and we would have spent a bit more of our allotted budget on quick drying sealant.

    We had planned to put all three of us in the boat but as soon as we launched her it became apparent that the rapid rate that the water was entering the boat couldn't be kept up with if there were three people, let alone one person in the boat. About ten feet from the launch things went from bad to worse and the two Captain Rons that took one for the team were going down fast. They feverishly paddled to get back to the dock before the boat went down entirely. It was a great time. Lots of lessons learned. Lots of big plans for next year.

    The Captain rons were? Me, Carol Klammer & Tim Roche who were the primary instigators and boat and sail designers, Carol is just putting the finishing touches on her Cape Cod Frosty that she is building! She made the sails & everything!!!

    How many potent potable were consumed during the build? We tried to limit the beer/rum consumption until we were mostly finished with the blade centric power tools

    How much di you all spend?: Tim didn't hear that he would get reimbursed so he went a little thrifty. Our total allowance was $150... We spent $40 on the boat, I ended up spending more on the costumes
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Never was a sinking taken with such joy and laughter!


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      Gotta love the positive attitude!