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  • Losing Clipper Cove

    A disturbing proposal to convert most of Clipper Cove at Treasure Island into a private marina, with slips running from 35-80 feet, is moving forward again after laying mostly dormant for 10+ years

    An on-line petition has been started. It calls for a pause in planning so the public benefits of this proposal to close off most of Clipper Cove can be weighed. You can sign here:

    I see this proposal as a spectacularly bad idea that has gotten surprisingly far in the approval process, mostly because the approvals won to date were secured 10-20 years ago and are based on a re-use plan for Treasure Island that was approved in 1996. Small boating has exploded on the cove since that time, mostly due the the growth of the Treasure Island Sailing Center which was founded in 1999. The Cove is one of the best places for youth to learn to sail outside of a yacht club. In addition, other amazing activities have started up on the Cove such as disabled sailing and the annual Dragon Boat Festival.

    The marina proposal has lain dormant for 10 years and has only started moving forward a couple months ago as the litigation over the re-use of Treasure Island has finally settled and the Navy has just last month passed title to of land parcels to the City.

    However, there are still plenty of opportunities left to save Clipper Cove, either by stopping the marina development outright or getting them to reduce their footprint such that the cove can still host recreational and instructional small boating.

    People are just starting to come together and organize themselves to show public officials what an amazing resource will be lost if the Cove is converted into a private marina.

    And I’ve written a long blog post with most of the background to this issue, which you can read here:


    But, most importantly, please consider sign the petition. Again, that link is:

    Best regards,

    Hunter Cutting
    Olson 25 / V15