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    Hello everyone,
    I'm brand new to this forum and generally not familiar with any forums of any type, so forgive me if my post is inadecuate/inappropriate...
    I'm actually trying to get a hold of Michael Jefferson, owner/skipper of S/V Mouton Noir. I've found that he did a couple of Singlehanded races, but I can't find him on Facebook or anywhere else.
    The reason I am trying to get a hold of him is that I am the daughter of the very first owners of the boat, my parents actually lived on the shipyard as it was being build and my father built most of the interior himself. I actually grew up on that boat (I've got photos to prove it!), and I would very much love to contact its current owner to find out what the Mouton Noir has been up to and to follow their adventures... So if anyone knows him and would be so kind as to get him to contact me, I would be very, very grateful...
    Thank you!
    PS I've posted this in the West Coast Sailing forum because I think the boat is now in San Francisco...

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    Try this link!

    Good luck!


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      Thank you! Unfortunately his coordinates are not there... but it's a start!


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        I believe the boat is in Marina Village in Alameda. It might be worth calling the harbor master and asking them to pass your info onto Michael?


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          I've passed a message on to Mike. If he says OK, I'll give you his email address, or maybe he'll contact you himself.


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            Contact has been made! His partner Susan has just contacted me!
            Thank you so much to everyone!!!


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