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    Hiccup @ Day 2 Finish

    Jeff Zarwell on unexpected situationals at finish of Sunday's Vallejo Race:

    "Another Great Vallejo Race in the books.
    If you raced in the Great Vallejo Race this weekend, I urge you to read this post.
    Yesterday was a beautiful day with great sailing. Today was too, until the finish.

    We arrived on site in plenty of time. The signal boat dropped their anchor in the same Lat/Lon location we've used since I've been managing this race. (While I have never cared for the location of the finish, it is the location the YRA decided upon long before I came on the scene).

    It has always been known that the west side of the course by the San Rafael Channel is shallow and is even called The Shallows. The finish line though is south of that and is in deeper water. In past years boats have run aground 100 - 300 yards above the finish line, but the line itself has never been a problem. Most people paying attention to their sounders or chartplotters have not had a problem.

    Today was a different story. Anchoring in the same location that has been the norm for years, the signal boat's sounder read between 20-22'. Exactly what we were expecting. That allowed me to set a finish line long enough for the pursuit race and still be just on the fringe of the channel, which has too much current to anchor in.
    The first boat to finish was approaching the finish line and they stopped just yards from the finish. Another boat came to a stop 3' from the finish line. Strangely yet another boat, not paying attention attempted to finish between the boat aground and the signal boat and it actually sailed across with no problem.

    The sounder on the signal boat was still reading 20'. Their chart-plotter (Raymarine with Navionics cartography) said they should be in 20-25'. I came over in the support boat I was on and while it did not have a sounder, the chartplotter (Lowrance with Lowrance cartography) also said we should be in 20-25' of water. I had the second support boat come over and their Garmin chartplotter (with Garmin cartography) also said 20-25' of depth. WTF?
    Boats were finishing, so we couldn't just pick up and move the line.

    To make matters worse, several boats severely misjudged the effects of current when approaching a mark (aka the "Finish Pin"). The current was so strong that I couldn't keep my boat anchored as a pin boat, so I dropped a mark in place. It wasn't there for more than 3 minutes when a boat mis-judged the current and snagged the mark. The other support boat moved into place to replace the mark and his anchor rode was snagged by another boat that mis-judged the current.

    The first snagged boat cut the anchor rode to the mark to free themselves, so I grabbed the drifting mark, tied a new rode to it and dragged it up to the original location. Boats were yelling at me, telling me I couldn't move the finish mark. What they didn't realize was that I wasn't moving it, I was putting it back in place after it had been snagged, drug down current, then cut free.
    For those of you finishing during that period of time, the signal boat was finishing you from a landmark, not the moving inflatable mark.

    As the winds kicked up, the signal boat rotated and now they were in 6' of water. Again WTF? This is not on any chart.

    To those of you who ran aground at the finish line, I urge you to file a "Request for Redress". It is the standard US Sailing Protest Form. Just "Check" the box that says "Request for Redress" instead of "Protest". Explain what happened.

    I cannot make any guarantees, but we anchored where we have for years without incident, but clearly the bottom contour has changed drastically.
    We want to run a fair race. While our intention was to have a fair finish line, I don't think it was fair at all."
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      Why not use one of the Brothers as a finish mark?


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        That was an interesting weekend. What concerns me is how many people don't read the SI's. I noticed boats sailing inside the Richmond R2 Mark, sailing inside the Richmond exclusion zone, sailing inside Point San Pablo and then on Sunday, sailing inside the Pinole Channel. Couldn't get sail numbers.
        If we are going to make changes to the finish location next year, how about making the exclusion zone marks, marks of the course, then perhaps folks will honor the exclusion zones.
        And finally - I see Sunday's results have been posted, but the start times are still wrong, 5 minutes too early.
        Jeff - thanks for running a good race weekend again.


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          The 2016 YRA Great Vallejo Race will be remembered as "Uphill Both Ways".
          Not that anyone was complaining about the weather, which was gorgeous. With a steep north-south pressure gradient
          established over the state, warm winds, albeit a bit gusty, welcomed crews on the Berkeley Circle for the 11:30 AM 1st gun.

          165 boats registered for this years edition of unofficial kickoff to the party season. Divided into 19 various fleets ranging from -126 for Jerome Ternynck's
          Extreme 40' Smart Recruiters above to 237 for Stephen Buckingham's Santana 22' Tchoupitoulas as seen below.

          Starting the big boats 1st, Division 1 got off right on time in flat water with 18-20 knots of breeze. With a start line square to the breeze, and the North Bay as well,
          the boats quickly jumped onto port and headed toward Richmond to seek current relief. The big question was how deep to go to stay in breeze.

          Bodacious +, John Clauser's 1D 48' chases Adrenalin The Howe Syndicate's SC 50 towards the shore.

          To close to shore and you risk sailing into a wind hole, stay out in the current and you are bucking 2 knots of river. As it turns out, the wind coming off of shore was more consistent and with better
          velocity than one might have guessed. Boats watching the breeze patches were able to get lifted in puffs while those in mid channel saw the wind get lighter as the approached Redrock.

          On of 4 Melges 32's competing this year, Leenabarca sailed by Bill and Melinda Erkelens went far right and were able to skip right past most of the boats in Div 1 and reached The Brothers in
          3rd overall

          A 2 boat drag race between Bodacious+ and Tony Pohl's Farr 40 Twisted

          The crew of Stan Hales's Farr 395 Chance embellish in Saturday's awesomeness

          The lead boats found nice breeze at The Brothers, Still out of the north showing no hint of a NW backing and the hopes for setting
          a kite were quickly extinguished.

          The flood gates soon opened, and the stampede of boats worked its way along the eastern flanks!

          For whatever reason, the Vallejo Ferry took an extremely inside path towards San Pablo Bay,
          Right down the center of the fleet.

          The parade continues on for a good solid 2 hours, and while the party is just starting in Vallejo, the Crew of the Merit 25 Banditos there is no logical
          reason to wait! Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

          Back in a flash with some of the winners from Saturdays fun fest!

          Click For More Pics!
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 Photo Gallery


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            It was another great GVR! We had to seriously watch our depth. It seemed like several boats found some mud on both days. Our raft up neighbors, Leglus, said they draw 11 feet so they didn't even bother playing the shoreline. The advantages of a canting keel became clear when Squirrel was able to ooch into the marina while we had to have our post race cocktail party on the hook.
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              What depth do you draw SmallCraftAdvisory and what was the depth at the harbour entrance?
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                Adrenalin draws 9.2. We had about a foot of clearance in the harbor after waiting about an hour for more flood. We waited for Bodacious+ to go first (they tried about three times before making it through).
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                  Some of the Winners, Saturday

                  Some clicks of some of the winners, from the results that were not downhill ratings.
                  Since it was all uphill, how does downhill rating apply?

                  Richard Shoenhair's Islander 36' Windwalker took division 14

                  Gary Troxel's Beneteau 423 Tiki Blue wons division 9

                  It was a 2 boat match race up the eastern shoreline between Tchoupitoulas and Hank Lindemann's Santana 22' Anemone
                  seen here ducking a much larger Farallone Clipper' VIP. Anemone wins div8

                  Califia, Tim Bussiek's Islander 36' took div 17

                  Melges 24' GO211 owned by Jc Raby claimed sportboat 2 bragging rights

                  Gordie Nash and crew on his Yellow Boat Arcadia won div 6

                  A 4 boat dog fight among the Melges 32's was decided with the Erkelens on Leenabarca at the mouth of the Mare Island Strait

                  Stan Hales's Farr 395 Chance took div 2 honors

                  The 105's had their own division and Patrick Benedict Advantage 3 was Saturdays winner
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                    The Cal 40's rallied and got their own division, with Rodney Pimentel and Azure grabbing the goods on Saturday

                    Tony Pohl's Farr 40' Twisted stayed close to shore and corrected ahead of Bodacious + for div 1 victory

                    Wayne Koide's Sydney 36' Encore won div 5 quite handedly

                    Might have some more Saturday winners in the photo heap...beginning secondary extraction momentarily

                    More Pics

                    Jibeset Regatta Page
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                      Sunday, Multihull start, ebb tide pushing the boats towards the starting line