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2016 Ensenada Race

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  • Don Ahrens
    started a topic 2016 Ensenada Race

    2016 Ensenada Race

    I sailed this years Newport to Ensenada race and can vouch for the strong quartering waves, as reported by the Farr 40 Foil, which made driving a challenge.

    We had winds 18 – 22 knots for most of the race, a bit lighter at the start and a bit heavier wind between 1am – 3am. There was a surprising amount of carnage in the fleet. We saw many boats broaching in the late afternoon. A Flying Tiger that had retired crossed our path heading to San Diego in the late afternoon with just a jib up. Also crossed paths with one of the maxis around midnight just north of the Coronado islands with just a main up and several crew on the foredeck with flashlights cleaning up whatever had been damaged. I’m telling you – the Coronado islands always feel a little spooky to me especially since the north island is not lite at all. The loss of the Aegean on the north island a few years ago certainly adds to the menacing feel of the Coronado’s.

    We stayed offshore and didn’t jibe until well past the south Coronado Island. That put us on a hard angle into Ensenada. Jibbing at night with the wind in the mid twenties on a very lumpy ocean always tends to clear out the arteries. The large quartering sea only added to the blood pressure. It was tough going after the jibe trying to keep the boat high enough, with the kite up, to stay to the north of Todo Santos – which we ultimately failed to do. Oh well, live and learn.

    Is was ultimately a great trip with the ocean lite by a nearly full moon most of the night, until of course it was time to jibe. Our race was uneventful with a mid-fleet finish and a sense that we had achieved another most excellent adventure. The Encinal YC was well represented on the trip with 5 members from the club on the boat.