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A New 52' West Coast Movement Gets Rolling

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    Would not be surprised to see a few more of the older Super Series boats join in the fun!


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      Very nice news.

      Let the good times roll!


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        Getting In Tune

        It was and intense but complete afternoon of drills, sets douses and gear checks this weekend for
        Frank Slootman's PAC 52 Invisible Hand as the crew worked through the paces ahead of next week's
        Big Boat Series hosted by the StFYC

        Hard to believe that just 1 year ago, Victor Wild's FOX was the sole representative for the BBS,
        Arguably the West Coast Premier Regatta.

        This year, she finds herself in good company with 4 siblings in the stable for the Big Boat Series,
        Invisible Hand, Tom Holthus's Bad Pak, Manouch Moshayedi's RIO and Karl Kwock's Beau Geste filling out a bracket
        of evenly matched 52's on the line for some high energy action, putting "Grand Prix" back in to the BBS lexicon
        for the 1st time in some time.

        Joining the fun a couple weeks later for the Inaugural PAC 52 Cup, Tony Langley's Gladiator,
        putting 6 boats on the line for what is most certain to be a sight to behold as they march across SF Bay
        in the glorious fall weather.

        Gavin Brady, the godfather of the PAC 52' movement will be on board Karl Kwock's Beau Geste for the
        races coming up, but was a key player in getting Invisible Hand up to snuff for the Transpac and Long Beach Race Week,
        And will be the lead man for the entire 2018 program. Gavin, who has been around the 52's since the inception, brings a wealth
        of knowledge as well as key players, mostly Kiwis, that have been there and done that on the 52's over the recent past.

        To quote crewmember Rueben Gabriel: "The talent and ability to coach is just amazing, there is no detail that goes unnoticed, and the learning curve
        took a huge jump when Gavin came onboard"

        During the 5 hour or so Sunday session, the crew went through fast repetitions of skills needing honing with little time on the rail taking in the scenery.
        Thoughtful discourse would follow and adjustments made with crew input adding to the discussion. Even a purposeful roundup to allow the driver and crew
        to feel where the edge was and how the new rudder would react. The newly installed line drop spool tested and careful instruction on how to wind it properly.

        Owner Frank Slootman is more than giddy with the recent progress, and recognizes that grand prix racers need some grand prix crew: " It's a level well above the
        club racing boats we have sailed in the past, and being competitive really demands some experienced members. But the great thing is these boats are so evenly matched,
        any team can win any given race"

        With all eyes on the PAC 52 class in the Big Boat Series, the opportunity to shine in the spotlight is afoot. The class is growing and any prospective owners that wish
        to join in should look into it deeper. With boats like Vesper and Spookie on the market at deep discount prices, it's an inexpensive option. But the offshore package option
        on a new vessel, would pay dividends for years. Gavin notes that the offshore 52s have been doing very well in major events, and with [I}Invisible Hand[/I] and Bad Pak
        going 1-2 in the Transpac, it's hard not to be impressed. He adds that all the pieces from Cookson's are still in place and boat building personnel are ready to rumble.
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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          Nice ride you got there pb!

          When is Pressure Drop readers day on board?


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            I see Marcos, John and Dana, Evelyn, Rufus and Ruben are still representing!

            Might be a good time to head over to KKMI and see if any of the other boats need a hand?


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              Got my union card at the ready!


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                Boats all over at St Francis now if you are looking for them.