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2016 OYRA Duxship

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  • 2016 OYRA Duxship

    Some clicks from Saturdays OYRA Duxship. Seas laid down nicely from the midweek maelstrom that raised holy havoc
    on the Nor Cal Coast. Start was an unusual 12:00 1st gun, late for an ocean race, but with the building ebb and steadier
    winds, it seemed to have played out very well!

    Debut of the new life for the J-125 "Cant Touch This" formerly Double Trouble and Javelin.

    Richard Pipkin and Mary McGrath have upgraded from the J 105' Racer X, which they have double handed in ocean events
    for some time. The will have to make more sandwiches and buy more rum, but the pickle dishes and getting home fast will
    all be worth it!

    The Jeremiah O'Brien does leave the dock on occasion and she was out churning up the aqua near Point Bonita.

    Breeze a bit stronger than forecast, but nothing too dramatic

    The north side of the strait was heavily populated.

    A pair of Osprey did a flyby. Must be mating season.

    Its fun when you can make eye contact with the visitors at Point Bonita

    You get extra points for high fiving the tug boat guys!

    Always inbound and outbound during the ocean races. They plan it that way.

    Results will be here, soon. Keep clicking on the linky!
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    Results are posted! Congrats to the Adrenalin team for their 1st offshore victory!


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      The 2016 Duxship Crab Pot Slalom. Decent winds, mild seas, whales swimming next to the boat, a dude in a grey suit swimming around looking for surfers (think it was an adult great white shark) and 2,000 crab pots. What's not to like about a race like that?


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        ... and all the boats drift-fishing around Duxbury buoy, making it a bit tough to pick your layline.

        But all-in-all a nice race in decent conditions. I thought the R/C work was especially clean and clear.


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          Thanks! It was a magical day!
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            OURS GO TO ELEVEN
            The Adrenalin Junkies had a fun race. It was one of those magical days where everything fell into place, no yelling, no extra chatter, just great crew doing their jobs, and nothing broke. The morning started with decreasing light winds and the end of the flood. The start for the PHRO 1A fleet was civilised. We dodged crab pots and a cranky fishing fleet on the reef.


            The forecasted rain failed to appear. The chop, swell, and blustery winds from Thursday were long gone. The sun even came out!


            Over the course of 4 hours, the wind went from 8 to 18 knots. On the last leg, El Pato went south and The Ho and "Hammertime" went north. The Big Blue Canoe was somewhere in between. Channeling Nigel Tuffnel, we hit some elevens in the puffs and swell.


            We didn't see any whales or guys in grey suits. But, we had a nice spinnaker run from the Bucket to the Finish and cold beers in the fridge for the ride home. We had such a great team with great attitudes. We owe our success to our awesome Junkies!!!!


            Adrenalin is one fast and fun furniture boat!


            Kudos to the Race Commitee, too!!
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              Congratulations Shana!