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2016 Master Mariners: Burning Up The Bay

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  • 2016 Master Mariners: Burning Up The Bay

    Good breeze on the Bay yesterday as the annual Master Mariners Regatta churned and burned its
    way across the bay waters. Here are a few frames from yesterday's grand spectacle!

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    We had another wonderful regatta with 66 entries this year. Race Chair and Vice Commodore Ted Hoppe worked very hard, as did our Sponsor Chair and Rear Commodore Paul Dines.

    Full results will be posted on our website later today,

    Some highlights from the exciting event are as follows:

    The scow schooner Alma came in 1st in the Big Schooner class, and Freda B won the Lynx Perpetual. Alma is the one lady in the race that dates back to the regatta’s earliest years in the 1800s.

    The very active Bear class had six participants. Margie Siegal skippering Huck Finn came in First and won the Gerry O’Grady Perpetual.

    The Farallone Clippers also had a big class of five FCs, and Jennifer Hinkel of Resilient Racing entered two, Mistress II and the recently restored Ouessant. MMBA Staff Commodore Bill Belmont won the Farallone Clipper Perpetual on Credit, which is also this year’s MMBA T-shirt vessel, artwork by Jim DeWitt.

    Hidalgo, a visiting 46’ Kettenburg up from Newport, won 1st in the Ocean 1 class, and won the Baruna Perpetual trophy for fastest elapsed time. There were several new participants in this class which added to the beauty and pageantry of the regatta: Royono, a stunning 71’ Alden yawl skippered by MMBA Commodore Steve Hutchinson, Marjorie, a 59’ ketch that is the first “Spirit of Tradition” member, and Hank Easom’s 8 meter Yucca.

    Bert Damner, MMBA and SFYC member, entered his lovely Concordia yawl and won 1st place and the Aloha Perpetual in Marconi 2 class. The schooner Mayan came up from Santa Cruz and Beau Vrolyk and his crew made a splendid first showing winning 1st place and the Dead-Eye Perpetual in Marconi 1.

    Thanks to all the skippers, sponsors, Sausalito Yacht Club Race Committee, and Encinal Yacht Club for the fabulous awards party and raft-up!

    Ariane Paul, Staff Commodore

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      Alex Rickabaugh's video from Mayan:

      I was aboard the 60' Alden Schooner MAYAN in the 2016 Master Mariner's. This was our start in the race followed by a few maneuvers before my camera ran out of battery. We had an amazing day on the water, sailed the boat well, and won our class!
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        Royono New SF Bay Resident

        During the process of editing images from the 2016 Master Mariners Regatta, we had a bit more time
        to take a closer gander at some of the boats participating. One that had really caught the eye was this 71' Alden designed, Herreshoff beauty built 1in 1936 in Bristol Rhode Island, Royono

        Launched as Mandoo II for D.Spencer Berger, where she raced actively from 1936 to 1939 before being sold to John B Ford and moved to the Great Lakes.
        She was baptised as ROYONO, which translates to "happy home on the water" in the local Native American dialect.

        She raced intensively for a decade on the Great Lakes for a decade, including numerous Chicago Mackinac races before being donated to
        the US Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1950.

        For the next 17 years, she raced extensively on the Eastern Seaboard, winning the 1952 Newport Bermuda Race and was acquired by John F Kennedy for a period
        of time in the 60's.

        From 1967 through 1973 she had several different owners, had a major refit in Maine, spend time as a charter boat in the Caribbean.
        In 1875 she was arrested for smuggling marijuana and was brought to Florida by the USCG. In 1976 she was sold at auction to Mike Davis and Geoffrey Gibson,
        who recognized the boats vintage and had her restored in Massachusetts.

        In 1985, she was sold to Philippe Bommer and moved to the Mediterranean where she sailed in many of the classic's regattas.
        In 2001-1003 she exchanged owners once again and underwent an intensive retrofit including replacing her framework with steel Classic Works in La Ciotat to include all new steel frames, ensuring she was fully restored to her former glory yet still retained her magnificent original interior.

        She was recently acquired by an unnamed Bay Area interest, and should be gracing the waters of San Francisco Bay for who knows how long.
        She does have a slip at the San Francisco Marina, but with the current lack of water at entrance, she cannot get to her berth and is side tied in Sausalito at the moment!

        More History Here!
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Would had never known.

          Thank you!


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            When is the Pressure Droppers party on Royono?