The 289' Maltese Falcon enters San Francisco in 2008 to an enormous celebration, to which
Tom Perkin acknowledged as on of the greatest days of his life!

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One of San Francisco's most colorful yachtsman, venture capitalists and philanthropists, Thomas Perkins passed away earlier this week at his
home in Belvedere. From his early days sailing on a Lightning Dinghy on Long Island Sound, to the classic IOD and an armada of grandiose
classic sailing yachts like the Philippe Rhodes Yawl Copperhead, the elegant Perini Andromeda la Dea and the classic Herreshoff designed
Mariette. Mr Perkins would go on to create the largest sailing yacht in the world, The Dyna Rigged Maltese Falcon before moving onto full fledged divestment
in the personal submarine industry, almost singlehandedly supporting Graham Hawkes Deep Flight submersibles. Mr. Perkins was also a member of the SFYC, and a huge
contributor to the annual Leukemia Cup, helping set the bar very high for similar charity events world wide.

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