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Moore 24 Nationals Cascade Locks

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  • Moore 24 Nationals Cascade Locks

    Image © Greybeard the Steelhead Slayer

    Reports are it blew stink yesterday and forecast for today is more of same today!

    BIG whitecaps already blanketing the race area...

    Expecting some major explosions on the race course this afternoon!

    1 68 Gruntled Bart Hackworth Richmond Yacht Club 1 1 1 3 6

    2 39 Further Matt Noble SFYC RYC 11 2 3 2 18

    3 29 seldom seen Tyler Bech Hood River YC 6 4 5 6 21

    4 89 Mooretician Peter Schoen TYC 8 3 10 4 25

    5 127 Bruzer Erik Hauge HRYC 5 10 4 7 26

    6 34 moore wave*ohs kurt lahr ryc 2 8 9 8 27

    7 78 White Trash Andy Hamilton Ryc 14 7 2 5 28

    8 26 More Uff Da Ben Braden Sea Chicken Fan Yacht Club 4 6 11 10 31

    9 51 Wet Spot Mike O'Callaghan StFYC 13 5 6 9 33

    10 23 Space Toaster Dave Gee Hood River YC 7 11 18/OCS 1 37T

    11 124 more cowbell! Kathryn Meyer Cyc Seattle 10 9 7 11 37T

    12 38 Lowly Worm 2.0 $¢ott Nelson SCYC 9 13 8 14 44

    13 103 Ray Sarah Raymoure Seattle Yacht Club 3 14 14 18/DNS 49

    14 71 Snafu Karl Robrock RYC 12 15 12 13 52

    15 111 Morjito Douglas Archbald HRYC 16 12 13 12 53

    16 47 Moorality Josh Raymond BDYC 15 16 18/OCS 18/DNF 67

    17 USA-332 Scruffy! Brian Tyrrell tbd 18/DNC 18/DNC 18/DNC 18/DNC 72
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    2016 Moore 24 Nationals

    A very nice 9 video sequence of the entertainment provided by the Moore fleet at Cascade Locks!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      Cascade Locks Delivers!

      Another superb 3 day Nationals for the Moore 24 Fleet, hosted at Cascade Locks by the
      Columbia Gorge Racing Association, in conjunction with their annual One Design Regatta that included
      Lasers, Tasars, Fireballs, Flying Dutchman's and Melges 24's. The Moores showed up in force with 16 boats
      and squeezed off 11 races, all in white knuckle, "hold my beer and watch this" style!

      All images © Sean Trew

      The Richmond Yacht Club was well represented with 5 boats, and claimed the top 3 positions
      overall. with Gruntled, White Trash and Further claiming podium spots. Matt and Molly Noble
      have inherited Molly's parents boat, hull #39, and teaming up with Cameron Beil, Kelsey Tostenson and Chad Freitas,
      have proven they are a force to be reckoned with in the fleet. Fresh off an amazing ride across the Pacific on
      the Ker 56' Varuna VI, Matt and crew locked horns with Pete Trachy, Michele Sumpton, Guillaume Canivet and Andy Hamilton
      on White Trash for 2nd and 3rd respectively. When the dust was settled, White Trash earned the
      bragging rights, but Team Further had proven themselves worthy, and the crew was stoked to place in such company
      as was represented, and with so many great crews that call Hood River home.

      Bart Hackworth's Gruntled pulled off another stellar performance, and continued their winning ways.
      "It was all about early separation, and Bart has a knck for it" Says crewmember Simon Winer "We were
      able to point just a tad higher and sail to weather just a smidge faster, and that left the bulk of the fleet
      battling each other while we got to clean air". Constant tweaking and adjusting the sheets, playing the main and
      jib were crucial in the gusts and lulls, with Ron Tostenson working the bow and Rob Dubuc working the mast and pit.
      What made the feat even more amazing was the fact the crew ended up using their 3 year old main, instead of the
      new one they had built just in time for the Nationals. Simon sighs"We went to put it on on Friday, and the bolt rope was too small."


      They still banged off bullet after bullet, 7 of them all told, and ended up tossing out a 3 and a 2 for a total of 11 points!
      "That main was a complete rag by the end of the regatta, and had holes in it that you could put your fist through," He points out,
      "It literally could not have been used for another race"

      Maybe the holiness of the main had some divine intervention?

      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        Lesson learned, old rags is good rags!


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          Fastest , just before they blow up....