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Sinking off Pier 45

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  • Sinking off Pier 45

    Fleet week and Opening Day bring out the best boat owners on the bay!

    The positive side there were plenty of officials and good Samaritans to pluck out the unfortunate.

    30 people on a 34' boat?

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    Everyone on one rail trying to see the Blue Angels you reckon?


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      They should have been able to fit four more....


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        It was Obama's fault.

        Believe me.


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          The boat in question was apparently a 34' Silverton Cruiser...

          Seen here, fully loaded....
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            A boat designed to turtle.


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              Post airshow mayhem


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                Originally posted by Photoboy View Post

                The boat in question was apparently a 34' Silverton Cruiser...

                Seen here, fully loaded....
                It looks like some of them were dressed to swim, I wonder how many I phones were damaged in this expedition?


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                    Good informative read!


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                      Back To The Surface

                      SF Chronicle reports on the raising of Khaleesi:

                      Photo: Mathew Sumner

                      A yacht that sank over the weekend with 30 people aboard, including three children, was raised from the floor of San Francisco Bay on Thursday, giving investigators their first up-close look at the vessel as they attempt to determine what caused it to capsize.

                      Tourists strolling the streets or perusing the gift shops of Fisherman’s Wharf paid little attention to the major salvage operation going on in the water off the Hyde Street Pier. Some sightseers boarded the docked, historic ships in the area, and others took photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, but just a few noticed the divers, Coast Guard crews and police officers working to bring the sunken 34-foot boat to the surface.

                      Three children and five adults were injured Saturday after the vessel toppled over and sank about 100 yards off Pier 45 in front of hundreds of stunned witnesses observing Fleet Week festivities. A 4-year-old was unconscious and not breathing when pulled from the water, said Lt. Jonathan Baxter, a spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department.

                      The child has since recovered and was released from a hospital to the care of his parents Monday. All 30 individuals aboard the boat when it went down were accounted for, Baxter added.

                      Police suspect the boat, a 1984-85 Silverton cabin cruiser named the Khaleesi, was overloaded.

                      “Too many people for the boat’s design caused it to be top-heavy,” Officer Jack Nyce of the San Francisco Police Department said, citing the tentative conclusion of investigators.

                      He said the boat was designed to carry 10 to 12 people.

                      Retrieval of the yacht started about 10 a.m. Thursday. Divers placed large airbags under the boat to float it to the surface, said Maria Nunn, an office manager for Parker Diving Service, the Sausalito company that conducted the salvage operation. Wires and heavy-duty ropes were used to attach the vessel to another boat so that workers could slowly raise the yacht.

                      Once the boat reached the surface, workers used hoses to pump out water and sludge to help the boat float. The salvage effort, which continued into the late afternoon, was expected to take eight to 10 hours, Nunn said.

                      The owner of the boat did not respond to calls from The Chronicle.

                      The Coast Guard was on scene to ensure there would be no environmental impact to the bay, said Coast Guard Lt. Nicole Emmons.

                      Workers had placed orange floating booms and white inflatable lines around the boat to absorb any leaking oil or fuel.

                      “We were there to make sure there was no pollution in the area from the vessel,” Emmons said, adding that members of the Coast Guard plugged the fuel vents so that oil wouldn’t spill into the bay.

                      The Coast Guard determined there was no environmental impact during the retrieval of the yacht, Emmons said.

                      The San Francisco Police Department’s Marine Unit is working to determine exactly what caused the boat to sink, said Officer Giselle Talkoff.

                      It is unclear where the boat will be taken so that it can be thoroughly examined, but it will probably be near Pier 45, Talkoff added.
                      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                        Those things should come with user manuals.


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                          I can save them lots of investigative money.

                          Water coming in sank the boat.




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                            Theire is allwayes watere comming in DS, its is when watere dossente gette pumpte out eof billge it sinkes.

                            sweepe the legg.....


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                              And were there 30 PFDs aboard, one per passenger? No? Make an example of the owner and lay on the fines and penalties. Safety was clearly not a priority.