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    Sorry to see your pup failing. we just lost our 14 year old Golden Girl Buttercup a few weeks ago. Pancreatic cancer, Pancreas removed, two months more of puppy silliness then...


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      Sending paws-sitive thought your way, PB!


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        John Pytlak was pickup crew on a well stacked Melges 32 Leenabarca on Sunday for the Pursuit which won the mono hull division.

        Tim Codrey borrowed the boat, with Santa Cruz sailors, Chris Deaver, Hillary Walecka Scotty Doyle, Mathew Vecchione and Bay Sailors Dave Rasmussen and Kelsi Schoenock

        Johns account:

        So, I was convinced Saturday night after several drinks that it was a good idea to race on the M32 on Sunday. I was the last crew add, and I'm sure it was for my size for uphill speed. It was the general consensus on the boat on Sunday morning that we wanted to go counterclockwise no matter what, as it would have the longest, most fun run. Obviously Raccoon was a bear of a beat in 25 with a wicked up 32. We ended up finding some really friendly current close to Angel, and short tacked till we could cross the western face. It was in the middle of that short tacking where we came across the M24 with a dropped stick. They were rigging their outboard and indicated to us that all on board were ok. Then it was a tight reach to little Alcatraz and a short broad reach till it was time for pole out, as we were rolling over the top of two J111's. We all set at roughly the same time and all crashed immediately from what I could tell. We were down for a little bit, but that was the only mishap of the day. We ran on starboard till well into the east side of the shipping channel before gybing, and stayed on port all the way to finish. Saw a top speed of 19.5, and were constantly in the mid to upper teens for the whole run. We did see one boat that we thought was a multi finish in front of us, but that was it. We hoped... I found out later last night that we did do pretty well. Was a great day on the water with two old friends and six new ones. I hope they'll have me back.
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          The Multi's Check In

          "We had an epic day on Khimaira (F-25c trimaran). The boat LOVES the higher wind. We decided on a CCW course due to the southerly wind and the ebb. We put a reef in the main just before our start....and glad we did. We started in ~20 kts of wind with Deception (SC50) and managed to pass them before we hit Raccoon. We tacked our way through the staright in increasing wind and driving rain. We were fortunate that every time we crossed another boat, we were on starboard. We managed to catch up to Mas Rover (F31R), but they took a more westerly route to stay in the breeze. We stayed fairly close to Angel coming out of Raccoon and found ourselves in a bit of a lull, but it didn't cost us much. Once we hit the wind line, it was game on! We had an epic close reach all the way to Alcatraz where we ran into a bit of traffic going both directions (again being on starboard helped). We tucked in behind Checkered Past and jibed so we wouldn't get pinned on the outside and hoisted our spinnaker. We were a bit concerned of the wind shadow from Alcatraz, but we looked to our right and saw 2 boats get knocked down a few hundred yards away. There was just enough wind where we were to keep the kite pulling. We hit the wind line and took off toward Point Blunt. By then, there was only one boat ahead of us...a lone Wabbit. We jibed over and reeled them in well before South Hampton. We looked back a bit later and could no longer see them...figured they got hit with one of the many gusts. Turned out that these were the guys that got towed in partially submerged. We slightly over stood the finish line and had to jibe one more time and came into the finish at a hot angle...a bit too hot. A gust hit us, our leeward bow dug in, and we had to blow the kite or hit the committee boat (they frown on that). We recovered and crossed the line first overall! This was one of the best races we've ever had on Khimaira (although Jazz was pretty sweet too!). She does like the breeze."

          Mark Zimmer

          F-25c trimaran


          "Wow...tough and wet conditions on the bay for the 2016 season closer !

          heavy rain and gusty wind with a spot of sunshine here and there described the day.

          It seems most of the multi's went counterclockwise and all started with at least 1 reef i think.

          There was a bit of heavy wind fast ducking going on thru raccoon straights and lots of rolling over and punching under a multitude of mono's all day in mostly strong breeze

          the spiny run from Alcatraz to Richmond was perfectly fast with that near constant "hobbie-horse" sinusoidal motion all the way.

          KHIMARA was on , smooth , and sailing smart with great angles and tactics . MA'S ROVER , KHIMARA , and WINGIT all collected together about 1/2 way thru just shy of Alcatraz . KHIMARA working snug close to shore buttonhooked around the island and with a quick set launched out ahead . MA'S went wide to avoid a potential wind hole that KHIMARA never hit . The spiny drag race was on ! We tried to grind KHIMARA down with some limited success for a few moments here and there but the crew on KHIMARA put the hammer down hard and never looked back . KHIMARA and MA'S ROVER did work all the way thru the whole fleet to finish 1st and 2nd overall !

          Great job mark z ...good skills and coarse management on a tough weather day...well sailed race"

          Mark Eastham

          Corsair F-31

          Ma's Rover
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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