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Offshore race week ?

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  • Offshore race week ?

    So , how many days needed really ? Any help in making it easier to accomplish? I can get my girlfriend to deliver the trailer.... who is going to do this series of races ? I'm on Slight Disorder !

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    Thinking about it. I'll be moving my boat down there around that time anyway.


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      We did the spin cup last year and plan to go all the way down to SD this year. If the schedule is anything like last year it should start on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and finish the following Sunday. I think the idea last year was to have a few days in between the 2nd and 3rd race so they could hold the SoCal 300 on a weekend and also give people the opportunity to go home and work a few days in between the Coastal Cup and SoCal 300. The other option was to hang out in Santa Barbara and do a local race mid week. A few months ago the organizers sent out an email to last years participants asking for input and feedback and one of the questions was about the scheduling of the 3 races. From what I've heard it doesn't sound like they plan to change anything this year but I haven't seen anything official yet.


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        Just received the 2017 racing calendar a few minutes after my last post. Looks like Spin Cup starts either Friday or Sat May 26th or 27th, (date TBD). Coastal Cup May 29th-31st and SoCal 300 starts on Thursday June 1st. So, looks like there is less time in between races this year. Personally I think it's better this way with less time between the 2nd and 3rd race.


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          Beware the ORR-EZ rating they are using for the race as a whole vs. the PHRF numbers used for individual races. Mine was changed drastically AFTER the first two races last year so we skipped the SoCal300 and came home. Hard to sail in a 30ft boat that was changed to a rating nearly on par with a J/125 or SC50.

          If you have a 'sister' ship design that has a real ORR you might be OK. But the fact that they can "adjust" the rating, post raceS without ANY explanation is not a measurement rule.


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            Good info , thank you all , I'll pass along to my skipper Carmen


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              Looks like the official dates and info are up on the CORW website: