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Three Bridge Fiasco and Alameda Marina tenants

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  • Three Bridge Fiasco and Alameda Marina tenants

    Read if you are an Alameda Marina dry dock tenant.

    I just returned from the marina where I spoke with Cathy from the harbormaster office. She informed me that all this hoist are broken and not expected to be serviceable for a couple of weeks. That means that if your boat is on the dry, you will not be able to drop for the race. I've made her aware of the impact, particularly for next weeks TBF race.

    She was trying to come up with solutions and I recommended to her they do the following, as that is a service we pay for:
    1. They could hire a movable crane for the weekend and drop and pick up people's boat
    2. Even better, have Svends boat yard drop the boats for us with their lifts.

    If you are a tenant impacted by this, I will ask that you call the harbormaster office and let them know your need to drop and raise your boat next weekend. It might require that we drop boats on Friday and pick up Monday, so do plan additional logistics.

    But please do call the harbor master. Cathy was trying to identify boats and communicate with the owners, but now you know.

    Also, SSS board, you might be able through jibeset to search registrants that have their boats in Alameda Marina and let them know of the situation.

    I hope they do good for their tenants.



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    Thanks for the heads-up Dan....I'll give the office a call.



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      Just received this email

      Originally posted by 3D View Post

      Thanks for the heads-up Dan....I'll give the office a call.

      Dear Tenant,

      We regret to inform you the 3-ton hoist at our Marina is currently inoperable due to motor failure. We expect to have the repairs completed within the next few weeks. Feel free to call our office with any questions.

      We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Warm Regards,

      Alameda Marina
      1815 Clement Ave
      Alameda, Ca 94501
      (510) 521-1133

      Apparently they have found the ability to communicate.


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        Just another FU to the tenants. They could get it fixed if they wanted to. Color me bitter.


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          They could borrow the motors off the other moth balled hoists if they wanted, couldn't they?


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            Different sized hoists/motors for sure.

            As for expectation that they will pay $$$ to rent a crane with operator or pay Svendsen's hundreds each to launch/haul a few dozen boats might be more than wishful thinking.

            Last time I got into it with them they said "there is no guarantee the hoist will be operational or unlocked anytime" and was reminded it's in the contract that basically your only renting the storage space.


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              It's all just bullshit. You can buy 220V outdoor 3-ton chain hoist motors on fucking ebay . Global sells 'em, and they ship overnight. "Coming weeks" my ass.

              2-ton hoist, 20 foot drop..."just add chain". $2500


              3-ton hoist, 20 foot drop... $4500



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                Club together and offer Svends or Svend's crane operator some $$ to come in over the weekend and do the launch and retrieval.


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                  I'm no legal eagle, but pretty sure that Alameda Marina promoted their dry storage with 3 hoists when most of the current tenants signed their storage contracts.

                  There must be some binding legalese that can be applied.


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                    Breach of contract right there!


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                      Says here they have a 3 ton hoist.


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                        I was told several times that the hoist is not guaranteed to be open or functional per the contract.


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                          The strategy is obvious. Raise rent, cut services, don't do maintenance until everybody gets so disgusted that they leave. Then, go to city hall and say "Look, there's nobody here. Let me build my market-rate housing!"

                          I hear that maybe they've rented a 3-ton crane for the weekend. Rumour has it.


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                            The marina is apparently aware of the 3BF and are making accommodations.

                            Harbor Master Paul Houtz says a temp 3 ton hoist (at east end) will be in place Friday afternoon and launching boats from 4 pm Friday.
                            Boats can get pulled Sunday. They are attempting to put a 2 ton motor on the 3 ton hoist for lighter boats to use temporarily as well.
                            Free overnight berthing for boats will be provided.


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                              Damn, gotta go put the pitch forks and torches back in storage now.

                              Good to hear they are making an effort!