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SF Bay Express 27 Tune Up Clinic FEB 25th

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  • SF Bay Express 27 Tune Up Clinic FEB 25th

    The San Francisco Bay Fleet of the Express 27 class annually holds two class tune-up clinics, generally one in the spring and one in the late summer or fall.

    The spring clinic scheduled for February 25 will be an opportunity to improve crew skills and introduce new crew in race-like conditions, with out the pressure of a scoring race.

    The courses are designed using short legs to focus on starts and roundings to improve mechanics. Past clinics have offered up to 20 starts in a single day.

    Mark rounding drills will force teams to do maneuvers that are rare but often necessary when looking to make gains. They will also practice jibe sets, headsail changes, and penalty turns.

    It can be tough for new teams to progress in tense boat handling situations against more seasoned teams. The Express 27 class hopes this clinic will help to retain and encourage new teams, with the more established fleet members offering advice that will make it fun for newcomers to join the class.

    The FREE event, sponsored by the Express 27 class, will be held using the assistance of a Richmond Yacht Club whaler.


    All drills start with a running 3-minute clock. There will be a practice start at 3 minutes, and the
    race starts at 6 minutes.
    1. Start, weather mark to port, and round pin end of the start line to port to finish. (Must
    have jib up and kite mostly down like the real thing.)
    2. Start, weather mark to port with mandatory jibe set, then round start line to port to
    3. Start, weather mark to port, then round start line to port to finish. Each boat must do a
    penalty turn upwind and down wind. The head of the kite must be below the gooseneck
    to count, per the rules,
    4. Start—all boats must be dead stop on the line for both practice and real start—weather
    mark to port, then round start line to port to finish.
    5. Start—2 laps with pin end to port—mandatory sail change from #1 to #3 on the first
    downwind leg, then round start line to port to finish.
    6. Start, tack on signal from coach boat following up wind via VHF or horn.
    There will be a debrief at the RYC bar at the end of the day. All boats should run RaceQs on
    their phone and they will be combined for further review.
    This is a purely voluntary effort; no one is being paid. There is a fee for use of the RYC whaler
    that needs to be covered. All participants take responsibility for their own liability for agreeing
    to participate in this event.
    Have fun play it close but NO CONTACT! Starboard and leeward have the responsibility to keep
    watch and give way as necessary. Remember no one is keeping score and we can discuss rules
    situations after sailing.
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    Kudos to the class to making this happen!